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Elden Ring - PS5/XboxX/PC Reviews Out on Metacritic - Release - 2-25-22


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Elden Ring is finally getting reviewed and its scoring big!  A 97 on PS5 so far making it the highest rated game on the system! 

A 95 on Xbox X is making it the highest rated game on that system as well!

Who here is excited to play it?


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Elden Ring is massive. I think I have an idea of the size of the world and then manage to find all huge hidden zones tucked away, it blows my mind.

It is more approachable than other Souls games, but the learning curve is still high. Like it is totally possible to make a bee to the first main quest boss in the first 15 mins and get totally crushed. It's a real skill check kind of boss, and honestly after him is the first uber dungeon and lord boss which are even harder.

But you have to remember it is open world. Explore the map, there are dozens of bosses, mini-dungeons, weapons, and items to find just in the starting zone. You could spend 10 hours and fight 10 other bosses before even fighting the first main quest boss.

It's not easy, but every victory feels massive. If it gets too frustrating, go exploring, level up, or summon someone for co-op. If anyone wants to play, hit me up.

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I've never played a "Souls" game before in my life because I always heard they were just tough boss fights which didn't interest me. I ended up buying Elden Ring because of the hype to be honest. At first without knowing anything or looking at 1 Youtube video, I didn't like it. I thought it was too vague, not a lot of direct clues telling you where to go and I felt weak. Fast forward to present and I think it's one of the best video games I've ever played in recent memory! It kind of re-invigorated my love for immersive, challenging single player focused games.

I have no shame in admitting I use Youtube as a guide. I find the locations of specific armor pieces, spells, incantations, summons, ashes of war, bell bearings, stones, boss fights, talisman, tears for physicks, etc. Then I plan an entire gaming session going on the adventure for (insert goal here).

There's so much to this game it's impossible to fit into one post. For example I recently discovered how useful Margit's Shackle can be. It does random things like showing you any secret door in your nearby area, disabling certain dungeon traps, opening random pits in caves, use multiple times outside certain boss fogs before going in to make them stand still so you can cast things like poison mist and slowly kill them in cheese fashion, etc.

I love this game! 9.5/10 because I just wish the story was a little deeper and stronger. I also don't like how you can't bring back certain NPCs (which then can cancel you out of certain quests & access to certain items).

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