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Extra Life 2022 - 10 Years!


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What do you MEAN this is my 10th year doing Extra Life!?!?

Yep, it's true. Time has flown by!

To start off the year I think it'd be nice to share some numbers...


Total raised to date (Feb 2022): 

Donations received:

Years I didn't make my goal:

Years I SMASHED my goal (a significant increase):
(can we make it 5!?!?)


Each year I do what I can to at least meet my goal, and the new goal each year is the amount raised the year prior. This means that there's been a fairly steady upward trajectory over the years, especially with some of you folks being extremely generous especially over the last few. I'm seriously humbled by the support especially last year where the dynamic duo @spacepup and @Jeevan picked up the slack while I was going through some stuff. I can honestly never adequately express my gratitude to them, and to you all here at VGS.

Last year together we raised an amazing $3707 for Sick Kids Hospital, making that the number to beat in 2022!

Our resident angel in disguise, @Jeevan, has already started the donation train with a very generous... *looks at the page*... $25 every week or two... gosh. The generosity never ends with this guy, for real. In fact it's his constant donations that reminded me to make this post. He's trying to sneak them in late at night but joke's on him, I'm wide awake baybeeeeeeee!

I'm going to of course be doing Game Day in November per the usual, but I'll also try and get some more streaming in every so often on weekends here and there when I can find the time. I've got a nice little setup in my bedroom for retro gaming, and I can take my laptop in there to get some time in without having to massacre my PC space.

I'll update you all as I have more info!

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