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FS: CIB Sega Genesis Games


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After many sales here on NA/SA and few successful rounds of eBay auctions, here are my remaining Genesis games for sale.  All of these games are complete in box and all games in clamshell cases should have the hangtab.  I'll gladly provide pictures for any game and many will have inserts, which I'll list next to each game.

Battletoads (cardboard) - $90
Battletoads (clamshell) - $40
Battletoads Double Dragon (clamshell) - $30
Beyond Oasis w/ Sega Visions reg card - $95
Double Dragon V (100% CIB with tattoo, reg card, and poster) - $100
John Madden Football Championship Edition - $85 (hard to find Mail Order version - ie non-Rental exclusive)
Shining Force II (100% CIB with Sega Visions reg card) - $90
Sonic & Knuckles (rare, minor variant w/ Sega Visions reg card) - $50

Super Fighter Team Games (all for offer)

Beggar Prince (1st run clamshell) - for offer
Beggar Prince (3rd print run clamshell) - for offer
Cascade (Super Fighter Team game (cardboard), unplayed)
Legend of Wukong (clamshell, 1st print) - for offer
Magic Girl (Super Fighter Team game (cardboard), unplayed) - for offer
Star Odyssey (clamshell, 1st print) - for offer

Pier Solar (Watermelon, 1st edition US release) - for offer

All packages will be weighed and shipping price will be calculated based on weight and distance.  All packages will likely be sent USPS Priority mail, unless you're just purchasing one game.

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