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Sony PSP US UMD Collecting Guide and Checklist


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I'm reposting this here from NA and also r/PSP.

During my years of collecting a complete set for the PSP, I noticed there were not any comprehensive lists for the PSP system so I spent years verifying each game and making a spreadsheet that I converted to a checklist for collectors.  I also have a collecting guide that helps newcomers understand different aspects of the PSP collecting ecosystem.

I'm currently on version 1.5.  

The collecting guide is attached here, but the Excel spreadsheet isn't a supported file type so you'll have to go to my Dropbox link HERE.



Changes from the 1.4 version include:

Collecting Guide:

  • Updated grammar/structure.
  • Edited information regarding the Hilton Family disc based on recent preservation activities.

UMD Collection Checklist Spreadsheet:

  • Fixed typos and fixed inconsistencies between similar titles across different pages.
  • Changed the publisher of Every Extend Extra from Unknown to Buena Vista Games
  • Removed 2012 from the NFR disc section as it was confirmed to be a download voucher only.
  • Added Ultimate Ghosts 'n' Goblins and Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max to Favorites Section based on confirmed copies being found.


Changes from the 1.3 version include:

Collecting Guide:

  • Updated grammar/structure.
  • Removed material regarding Fifa ’14 in light of physical US release found in retail.
  • Clarified materials needed for Hilton Family disc play based on recently discovered materials
  • Increased the full set U.S. game count by one to 612 in light of recently found Fifa ’14 physical release.
  • Updated GaijiinWorks section to reflect Class of Heroes 3 not being released in physical form due to pressing plants shutting down prior to release.
  • Added Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep decal preorder bonus.

UMD Collection Checklist Spreadsheet:

  • Fixed typos.
  • Added WWE All Stars, Atari Classics Evolved, Guily Gear XX, and Monster Jam: Path to Destruction to Favorites section.
  • Added Fifa 14 to Games List, increasing total count to 612.
  • Updated Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines Greatest Hits to exist, although rare.
  • Added info to denote misprint version of SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Tactical Strike.
  • Changed publisher of Pocket Pool from Eidos to Conspiracy Games.

Please feel free to send me any feedback and to let me know if you find any mistakes or things that should be added.  I know there are gaps in the demo discs and strategy guide sections.

[Full disclosure: I have put my entire collection (that helped make this list possible) up for sale on eBay.  I'll still be updating this list from time to time, even if it sells. I still have another 100 or so games in a separate set that I play with my kids.]



PSP Collecting Guide - Version 1.5.pdf

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