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Coming over from NintendgoAge from days gone by, be gentle!

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I was on NintendoAge in the bygone days of when it was great. I fortunately didn't see the downfall of NintendoAge as I got out of collecting for a while. I only held on to a few thins right at the end and sold everything else. I've got the bug again and I'm slowly building up a new collection. I want to have the same sense of community and nostalgia and information that it once was and better. I would love to contribute to this sit in some way but for now I'm going to lurk and check things out. Shoot me a message and say hey and I look forward to getting to know some people on here!

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Hey-o! And welcome to your new favorite(-ish) place!

I, too, am redoing my game collection (for what feels to be the four billionth time). So I have that in common with you. But expect it to be a slow build, mostly focusing on Japanese variants of select JRPGs. Not all because I am strictly focusing on my favorites. With follow-ups to be announced when I get to that stage.

So even if you don't need my help in that department I wish you the best of luck in terms of surviving will hope that VGS becomes your new favorite place. Cheers! 🍻

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2 hours ago, Link said:

The real question is, do you still have it?
By your 😢 react I'm guessing no

I sold it to @Richardhead for 20 bucks and sent it on it's way.

1 hour ago, JamesRobot said:

@Richardhead has it.  

He definitely received it, and it technically survived the journey, although in a massively withered and weakened state...

@Richardhead said he would nurse it back to health, although I haven't seen any signs of life for a while...

You got any recent photos of plant, @Richardhead preferably accompanied by today's newspaper? 🤔

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