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  2. Big thanks guys, got them all figured out. For the curious, the other missing ones were: Montana Rantaro GB Challenge Puzzle Lodoss Tou Senki Le Mans 24 I've got one more I'll be posting shortly. I thought it was obvious, but it doesn't seem to be, for me anyways.
  3. @goldenpp72, I was involved in the auction involving this item and a few other nice stuff, around a few weeks ago. Thankfully, I don’t collect for NTSC, so I didn’t bid on this game. I honestly can’t believe how much it went up to in the bidding! I agree it’s kinda odd why this Sega Rally would be rare. It’s a classic arcade racer, so why would Sega bother to produce it on the GBA and only in small numbers?
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  5. I love all 3 original IJ movies and I know I'm probably alone in this but Temple of Doom is my favorite one. I don't know why, it just is. Possibly because it was the first one I ever saw as a kid and stuck out in my mind the most. Maybe I just like the theme of it the best. I'm not sure why. But like I said I like all 3 original IJ movies. I won't talk about Crystal Skull.
  6. Did you watch it till the end? That show really goes out with its head held high. I hated it at first when my girlfriend was watching it. A lot of characters were super annoying (especially the "redneck couple"), and the humor and pop culture references is just incredibly bad across the board, and fits very poorly with the setting. But as the show moves on it starts to move away from Piper as a "main character", focusing more on other characters, and more on the dramatic side of things, and those aspects are told really well. While I wouldn't say there are any "bad" seasons as such
  7. I got a spare Japanese cartridge for cheap, if that's of any use for you.
  8. Hollow Knight is definitely overrated, but I loved it a lot. Axiom Verge, do people really enjoy that game or just think they do because it checks all the boxes superficially?
  9. Aggelos is a fantastic game. To me, it's great at recapturing the Wonder Boy/Monster World experience, but does it better than any of those games due to its fantastic level/world design.
  10. I should have said something sooner. Sorry, dood. Like others here have stated Namco never did an official English translation in Japan for this game. However... The seller does imply that it is a reproduction that includes the English translation. Which implies that he sells these as a means to financially support his hobby. Something that is a good excuse to buy if you are into that field of niche collecting. Because not many are, here, but that does not make it any less of a hobby to get into. As for me, I looked into he idea of collecting games like these. But chose no
  11. @ZeldaFan042 How did you beat the Turok games so easily, especially the second one? Any advice? Because we had Turok 2 back in the day and never managed to get past level 4. That was a total beast of a level. It tends to get really difficult and has long, maze-like levels, imho. I've started Hexen yesterday and put several hours into it. There are only few levels but they are massive and intertwined, so that it can be really challenging to find out how to progress, because you have to backtrack all the time to figure out what certain switches do. Also, it's really frustrating that th
  12. “Modern cheap” items of a rare nature = assume fake/bootleg or another way of looking at it, almost impossible to find vintage rare items for cheap in 2021!
  13. So you're saying you're milk toast intolerant?
  14. Procedural Doctor/Cop/Lawyer shows (no other professions exist I guess!) Sitcoms: Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory, How I met your Mother, etc (Office is getting up there with their cult like fanbase) "Realty" tv shows (cept National Geographic) So yeah pretty much everything on broadcast tv
  15. The Last Starfighter isn't one I saw as a kid, I only discovered it a few years ago. I thought it was good, prob would have been one of my favorites if I saw this movie when I was like 10. Didn't feel "bad" or "cheesy", effects felt very good for the era, and the story and performances had a lot of heart. The whole 4k thread makes me wonder how people are actually watching these movies. The blu ray is really crisp and nice. If you are still watching this on a worn out VHS and the picture quality is bad, that doesn't make the movie bad.
  16. I can't stand the opening sequence, especially after it's predecessor has one of the most famous openings in cinema history, and Sankara Stones are hardly as awe-inducing as the Ark of the Covenant or the Holy Grail, but it's an excellent action-adventure film whose only real knock is that it is sandwiched between two of the greatest action-adventure flicks of all time...
  17. Recently beat Aggelos on Series X. Pretty solid Zelda II / Monster Boy style game. On sale on Switch online store right now @ $4.99, definitely worth picking up at that price ( sale ends in an hour or two tho ).
  18. Big Bang Theory and Modern Family are widely praised for their comedy elements, but they are absolutely not funny at all. Pure milk toast. Id rather die than watch a full episode of either.
  19. Probably my least favorite out of the original 3 (I know nothing about the 4th one). I still enjoy it and I think it's still worth watching every few years along with all of the original 3.
  20. Congratulations! That's really impressive! I've never finished a Mega Man GB game either and only own the first one still. Recently I got a decent price on the 4 Final Fantasy games though and pretty soon, I'll be starting Final Fantasy Legend as one of my milestones, so I'm excited to see what all that is about.
  21. The Kentucky Fried Movie. I remember always loving this movie. Now I think it was just the Boobies?
  22. How would you know? Brand new 3DS systems are not sealed. There’s a little cardboard flap that gets tucked into a slot in the edge of the box. You have to bend that back to open it, but Nintendo had to bend it back at the factory to close it. From the factory, that little flap has a little crease to it. If you opened it up carefully, just to verify it, nobody would be able to tell the difference.
  23. For me, Grandma's Boy is one of those movies that if I see it on TV, I will always end up watching it. In fact, I watched it two nights ago. As stupid as that movie is, I just really enjoy it. It's probably my favorite "stoner/stupid/juvenile" movie ever.
  24. Ok. It's done, I polished off Vanilla Jeopardy! and Jeopardy! Platinum Edition. Luckily the CPU was back to its old tricks of failing its way into the negative and pretty much staying there. There, that's 28 games in February. There have been so many games I wanted to play, but didn't because I didn't know if they would be quick enough. Now I'm going to spend a long time beating games I've never beaten before. I've never really taken a dive into the Mega Man games, (and they're on my backlog in that other thread,) so I'm going to check those out. Also I want to play the Spiderman games fo
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