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Ohne dich ist alles doof. Let’s discuss Germany, German language, German food, German music and German Shepherds?
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  2. Wherever the army base is. She went to school there, I think she was 13 or so, then transferred back to Canada.
  3. My mom grew up there 50 years ago. I took 2 beginner courses in university and then 2 intermediate courses. I graduated before I could take the 2 expert courses but I can mostly understand it when reading it.
  4. Ich hab' deutsch in der Universitaet studiert, hab nach Marburg gegangen. Ach, ich hab Deutsch vergessen, wenn ich sehe, kann mich errineren.
  5. I took 3 years of German in high school when only 2 were required. This was strictly because half way through my second, required year (you had to have two years of a foreign language to graduate) my teacher retired and the sub was terrible. Anyway, my intent was to take three years so that when I went to college, I wouldn't be clueless. Well, I ended up getting a BS, not needing language credits and it wouldn't have mattered cause me small college didn't even offer a German course. Oh, well. I did grow an appreciation for the language and the culture, though and I've meant to pick it back up for the past 2 decades.
  6. Ich verkaufe meinen Körper. Ganz ganz billig. Ganz ganz billig.
  7. I learned to be a beer snob whilst living in Germany.
  8. i cant drink a bud light unless its ice........nope thats a lie, i have drank over night opened bud light can....
  9. You know from my time over there I really learned to appreciate a quality Pilsner just kept in a cool place. I think the warmer temperature brings out the flavors and I’m pretty sure that’s why the American paradigm is ice cold. It helps hide the fact that it tastes like shit.
  10. Come on in baby. Beck’s on tap and the waters...cold. It’s the German club after all.
  11. I first took 3 years of German in high school because it was an under the radar screw off class. In college I spent a month in ‘04 with eine Gastfamilie. It was a blast. Traveled all around was a fantastic guided experience taking language classes in a small town outside of Dresden. I was studying Bio at the time. Lazy decisions my junior year led me to switch majors to German Translation. Spent a year studying at Uni Leipzig. Probably spent more time taking “field trips” than I should have. So many interesting adventures. I hung out a lot with the Erasmus folks so I made friends from all over. After graduation I tried out being a freelance translator but it was too much work for not enough money and no benefits. Fast forward a decade+ and I’m a SAHD now and my relationship with the whole thing consists of listening to Peter Wackel with my small children, sometimes watching movies in German on Netflix, and having a weird obsession with their historical linguistics and migration period history.
  12. Grüß Gott! Ich habe gewohnt aus Augsburg von 1990 bis 1992. Pop was in the army a pulled a tour in Germany for a couple years in the early 90s. It was awesome. I went back in early 2000s for a couple of weeks. Love the food, the beer and the fests!
  13. 3 week trip in summer of 2000 for high school. Went to Trier, Leipzig, Frankfurt, Munich, and others. It was wonderful! I visited the grave of Bach, ate half chickens from street vendors every day, and had a family stay with a young man who had a marijuana plant growing in his bedroom. Fond memories!
  14. Lived there? Loved there? Studied German in school? German native? Just like the food? Do Angela Merkel cosplay?
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