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  2. I wish. But I wouldn't be surprised if someone out there has compiled them.
  3. Epic. Do you have a link of all the stupid shit Trump says like this as an easy link to throw back on the people that want to lean on Biden "having dementia"? (I mean, other than a link to his Twitter, obviously :P)
  4. It very definitely went hand-in-hand with the Republicans entrenching themselves on those key social issues, though, from what I recall.
  5. I could be wrong, but it really felt like people just didn't want to call themselves Republican. I understand that those groups can sometimes be associated with specific views, but policy seemed secondary. It really seemed as vapid as thinking a libertarian is more thoughtful or more pragmatic or less conservative than a republican.
  6. I feel like the rise on this issue correlated with the intensifying of the discussions around gay marriage and the now-on-going discussion of legalizing marijuana. Those are really the two key "socially liberal" issues for "otherwise-fiscal-conservatives", IMO. EDIT: though from the early Bush era -- it is ALSO a split related to how much was being spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since those are clearly NOT "fiscally conservative" events, by any stretch.
  7. It really seemed like people started calling themselves libertarians after the last Bush presidency. I just remember so many conservatives being embarressed to call themselves Republican. It seemed like people would either say, "I am socially liberal and fiscally conservative," or "libertarian." I am in California, so that could have just been out here, but no one seemed proud to call themselves Republican after the bush presidency.
  8. The attack ads around here keep referencing NRA grades. So I checked them out: https://www.nrapvf.org/grades/ It's pretty goddamn silly. Go ahead and click on any state, for any race. Literally, any of them. We're becoming a caricature of ourselves. The divide has become so shamelessly partisan that I'm honestly embarrassed.
  9. By that logic, if you vote for Jorgensen, you're also voting for Biden. I agree, the Libertarians could get their messages across better. One day there will be a competitive 3rd party, or perhaps a replacement for the Republican party.
  10. 3 Ways To Vote For Trump in 2020. 1. Vote for Trump 2. Vote for anyone except Joe Biden 3. Don't Vote Also, Libertarians are silly
  11. The problem with libertarians is they can't get a cohesive message across their supporters. Libertarian Jones: "I want smaller government." "So you want to get rid of meat and dairy inspections and make food less safe?" Libertarian Jones: "Well, no, that's silly." "But Libertarian Smith says he's a libertarian and he wants to do away with meat inspections." Libertarian Jones: "Um ... well..." You ask two different libertarians on what they want and they'll give you two totally different answers. Until they get their act together on the details they'll never get pa
  12. The percentage is misleading. The odds are so small that a 360% increase almost means nothing. It'd be like playing the lottery. If your odds of winning are 1 in a million, buying 3 more tickets really doesn't change your odds in a meaningful way. Now if this was going from a .1% chance to .5 or even .01% to .05, that'd be alarming.
  13. If people really hate Trump and Biden so much, why don't they vote for Jo Jorgensen? If you take one of those quizzes, you'll probably be surprised how much you match up with her. jo20.com
  14. You are welcome! I was going to say, you should being writing opinions for major news publications, not on a message board for schmucks like me! I want to add Dick Cheney to your list. He's the one that really jump-started the whole Neo-Conservative movement in my opinion.
  15. haha! No, I wish I could ever be that astute. A friend shared it on facebook from Heather Cox Richardson. I find McConnell extraordinarily destructive. From test driver Limbaugh to Graham to him, this is the path. They may dump Trump but they like what he does to our system. QAnon has a serious foothold now. Thank you for your analysis.
  16. @LinkThat was a good read, did you write that? I agree with much of it. If we remember Merrick Garland, he was championed as a true moderate. Not too liberal or conservative. He was someone that Mcconnell may actually consider. Instead he gambled on Trump winning to get a nominee much closer in ideals to the recently deceased and proud constitutionalist Scalia. Enter Neil Gorsuch. You think any of these judicial nominees came from Trump? Hell, while the public was busy squabbling over whether Trump is racist, etc, nobody was paying attention to all the federal judges McConnell was packing
  17. Agree very much with the both of you. Trump has a very linear type of thinking: 1. What can I say that makes me look amazing? 2. What can I say that people who love me want to hear? 3. How can I blame everything on the people who don't love me? He's a narcissist and manipulator, not a racist. Sometimes those things appear to have overlap.
  18. October 11, 2020 (Sunday) Today’s political chatter was just bizarre. The talking point on the Sunday talk shows, pushed hard by Republicans and enabled by the media, was that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden needs to explain his stance on “court-packing,” that is, adding more justices to the Supreme Court. Some Democrats have begun to talk about that outcome if the Republicans ram through Amy Coney Barrett in these last few days before the election. This is bizarre first of all because the Republican Party did not even bother to write a platform this year to explain any po
  19. Dang, buddy, clean up your link! https://news.yahoo.com/amphtml/strapped-cash-trump-yanks-tv-225339083.html I thought Trumpy was all about self-financing his campaign. Or am I thinking of his promise to reject the salary? This, too: Biden has been sharply increasing his ad spending across the entire election map and has begun pouring money into states that once looked out of reach. Among them are Texas, Georgia, Ohio and Iowa. Why the democratic party is locked into this myth of forgoing states is one of many things I’ll never understand about them. My state would be r
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