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  2. I mean guns are banned at the NRA convention this weekend. Because that’s the only way to prevent a shooting!!
  3. Along with a good handful of other countries as well. And the shooter in this case did not have any mental health history. So how can getting better at mental health (in this case at least) be the answer when the person showed no signs of mental illness? Constant mental wellness checks for every single citizen? The answer is much easier, greatly restrict the ability to obtain a gun. Yes criminals will still get them, yes shootings will still occur, but they will be drastically reduced, as proven by many other countries leading the way in this regard.
  4. If you put an average person in a prolonged shity situation, average people can have a lapse of judgment that results in an atrocity. Also, a lot of these shooters are also young, and younger peoples heads tend to still a bit wonky and result in more extreme behavior. The issue is that we are the only country whose politicians have no will to limit access to guns. If America is the greatest at anything, it is being business friendly and that includes trading lives for the profits of gun manufacturers. We know the solution because Australia did it and it worked.
  5. You may not be aware, but this already occurred - "Abbott confirmed that police fatally shot Ramos at the scene." Agreed. Might be a first I get your sentiment but that didn't happen in this case. There was already an officer at the school who failed to stop the person from entering. You gonna have mutliple cops at each door? It won't happen and it's not feasible. https://www.texastribune.org/2022/05/25/texas-elementary-school-shooting-uvalde/ The gunman who killed 19 children and two teachers in Uvalde on Tuesday was confronted by a law enforcement officer before he entered the elementary school that became the site of his massacre, authorities said Wednesday. The obvious solution in this case would have been to deny this person the ability to buy the two (that's another story) guns that they bought on their 18th birthday. At some point we have to look at what is happening and realize that the 2nd amendment no longer operates as intended and major changes need to be made. The time is now, not yesterday, not tomorrow. The people who we are voting into power to make these changes need to fucking make them.
  6. First thing that I'd like to see done is executing the shooter. Ideally by gunfire. Secondly, the process of acquiring a gun should be more stringent, including mental health screenings among whatever else could help prevent sick people from legally getting one. Perhaps limiting someone's initial purchase to one single handgun or hunting rifle and not allowing the purchase of another for X amount of years. I also feel like extended magazines and body armor are not necessary for a private citizen's ability to protect themselves/others. That said, there are far too many avenues to get guns illegally and even if larger magazines are banned for private use, multiple guns could still allow for a higher body count in these situations. Local police should have additional funds to place multiple officers at every school, every day, as I still generally believe in the notion that "good guys" with guns can prevent things like this. Anything to that may help deter these situations.
  7. Not in this country as long as it is as easy as it currently is to get a gun.
  8. This isn't practical due to life safety concerns. You have to have means of egress in case of a fire which is more likely. There is no perfect solution but thru discussion I am sure thee can be a middle ground to keep children safe.
  9. When I visited the US in the early 2000’s I visited a high school there (which ironically was in Texas) and it already looked like a prison compared to schools here. There were bars across the windows and barely any windows, fences everywhere and just had a real prison feel. This wasn’t in a rough neighbourhood either, just a middle class average suburb. It was pretty sad to see. I don’t understand why the gun laws are so lenient in the US or why people even want to own a gun (unless they’re on a farm). Why does an average citizen need a gun anyway? That’s what I can never understand about these shootings. Take away easy access to guns and all of a sudden violence would drop dramatically. If people want to go hunting then just hire a gun for the day.
  10. There probably shouldn't be any windows, either. Safety first. Liberty and security!
  11. You laugh, but it's actually very simple. The real problem is schools just have too many doors. And also not enough guns. Have one door into and out of the school and have armed police officers at that door. They could have taken that psychopath out. And we’d have 19 children and two teachers still alive.
  12. Time to raise the age to buy firearms to 21 as a first step. There isn’t a perfect solution but I’m still miffed that you can buy a gun younger than you can drink.
  13. The only problem is the shooter didnt display any warning signs and had no previous record. So how do you stop that ahead of time? Or a highly intelligent sociopath that knows how to operate un-noticed? For me, making it way more difficult to get a gun, and limiting magazine size would have gone a long way. Also, limit civilians buying body armor. This dude literally overpowered two cops on the way in due to more firepower. Would this psycho be wearing someone skin someday? Maybe. As terrible as it sounds, I would sacrifice one person to save 21 dead children. Wait until the elementary schools in Texas are worse than prisons in the name of “freedom”. heres a list of GOP politicians that take the most money from the NRA on the backs of dead children if you are interested: https://www.axios.com/2022/05/25/ted-cruz-lawmakers-money-gun-rights-groups Thoughts and prayers to their accountants for having to bury paperwork over dark money unlimited political spending
  14. It's easy to say but the ship has sailed. A gun on the street costs half of an ounce of weed. Gun control is just a political talking point to fire up voters for turn out. We need better sociopath and psychopath management. I understand w.o a gun, less would be dead but that young man was going to be wearing somebody's skin eventually.
  15. Crazy how all the good guys with guns were worthless. I thought having police on site was supposed to stop this? The good news is, three politicians from the failed state of texas are speaking at an NRA convention coming up. So that should make everything better.
  16. We need better gun control. I'm sick of seeing our kiddos, our elderly, our citizens, gunned down. This country has a disease and we've tried useless thoughts and useless prayers, voting sure isn't helping. It's time for real change, or these people need to admit the fact that they care more about their killing tools than they do the children of our country.
  17. Do republicans want their lives improved? Or do they want someone on Fox news accusing democrats of being pedophiles? I assume that Other than being Trumpy boot lickers, her constituents are probably content with taking socialist food stamps, while complaining about socialism.
  18. Considering she brings in a lot of money for the Republicans, I am expecting her to he around for a long time.
  19. Ryan Zinke, former congressman and member of Trump's cabinet, is standing on the side of the highway just outside my neighborhood, with a sign and a wave. That's one way to keep your campaign budget down
  20. I'm hoping Marjorie Taylor Greene gets primaried next. Yes, she's in one of the deepest red districts in the nation, but she ran unopposed in 2020 and by all accounts her constituents are getting tired of her doing jack shit for her state.
  21. I like Cawthorn, perfect representative of the Republican party.
  22. What a complete clown that idiot was. The people that elected him should be embarrassed they are such awful judges of character. So satisfying watching him get axed, crazy he didnt say it was rigged though. Anytime a republican loses for the rest of time thats all we will hear.
  23. Oh yea, we are in agreement, I was bouncing off your point, not debating it. Just pointing out how the system will be used abused and twisted by these people to get what they want.
  24. I’m fully with you there. Just saying that there are large swathes of sane people here, including oppressed populations that can’t just move elsewhere.
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