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  2. Yeah, what's the point? Racism sucks, but it's the whole world round. In some places white is seen as better, in others, black, in others, Asian etc etc etc. My buddy and I wanted to perform a gig at a popular joint for beer and Japanese food, we messaged the owner in Chinese, he turned us down as since we sing English songs (mostly Americana fiddle tunes), it couldn't be sang along with by locals. This is quite funny though, as at our other gigs all the locals love CLAPPING to our songs. Furthermore, the defacto performer has NO stage presence, no one watches or listens to her, she arrives late and leaves early, etc. Either the owner of the shop is racist, or he's shagging her. I lean towards both... Nothing sucks more than knowing people are denying you a chance based simply off your skin. For me though, it just makes me want to work that much harder to prove a point.
  3. McCain was the adult in the room when the NeoCon movement started taking over. It really made him stand out. Unfortunately for us all, Trump successfully brands any modern equivalent a RINO and sucks all their oxygen. Or at least he used to. I'll be watching the republican primary season closely and aggressive voting against Trump.
  4. I also had a lot of respect for McCain. I really admired the way that he tried to keep the inter-party dialogue reasonable when many rabble-rousers of his party were openly calling to assassinate his opponent. Too bad it didn't work.
  5. Policy agreements or disagreements aside, I had a lot of respect for Obama and McCain, as individuals. That was 2008, but of course it feels like ages ago. And then in 2012, I felt at least Obama and Romney were reasonable, relatively speaking. It has been a wild ride since then. I voted for Obama and I still believe he was and is a stand-up individual. I honestly feel the same about McCain. I think he made some strategic mistakes, and I didn't agree with all of his policies / ideals, but I still had a lot of respect for him. And the more time that went on after 2008, the more respect I felt for him.
  6. I know this is sarcasm but I just want to say I hate it, actually. Seriously, when was the last time the final 2 (we all know how it goes) were both decent candidates? The fucking 1970s or something?
  7. I love how both parties are continuously incapable of putting forward a great candidate. I guess any reasonable, qualified, charismatic leader stays far, far away from the shit show of US politics.
  8. Good, he will ruin it for republicans. Can’t wait to watch that shitshow implode. -almost lost to hillary (did lose pop. Vote) - lost house/senate in 2018 -lost election against a super weak Biden -lost senate, and almost lost house in 2022 *Trump voice* ”im gonna win so much you are gonna beg me to stop winning” Fucking idiot lol
  9. So Trump announced he's running for president again and nobody seems to care. This is such a good thing.
  10. https://www.cnn.com/2022/11/15/us/texas-teacher-fired-race-conversation/index.html A student off camera asks, “So White is better than all?” The teacher replies, “Let me finish. I think everybody thinks that. They’re just not honest about it.” After some other discussion in the video, a student asks, “You said you are a racist, right?” “I did, yeah, I’m trying to be honest,” the teacher replies.
  11. Good news! Alex Jones ordered to pay $473M more to Sandy Hook families https://news.yahoo.com/alex-jones-ordered-pay-473m-184657882.html Infowars host Alex Jones and his company were ordered by a judge Thursday to pay an extra $473 million for promoting false conspiracy theories about the Sandy Hook school massacre, bringing the total judgment against him in a lawsuit filed by the victims’ families to a staggering $1.44 billion. On Wednesday, Bellis, the Connecticut judge, ordered Jones to not move any of his assets out of the country, as the families seek to attach his holdings to secure money for the damages. Jones, meanwhile, has asked the judge to order a new trial or at least reduce the compensatory damages to a “nominal” amount.
  12. Candidates who backed overturning Trump loss are rebuffed https://www.yahoo.com/news/candidates-backed-overturning-trump-loss-231931150.html Republicans made a striking decision earlier this year to nominate candidates for top statewide posts in swing states who backed overturning President Donald Trump's loss in 2020. Most of those candidates lost in the midterm election. On Tuesday, Trump lost bids to install supporters in three more of those pivotal states. In Pennsylvania, Mastriano would have had the power to appoint a secretary of state to oversee voting, but he was routed in the governors race by Democratic Attorney General Josh Shapiro. In Wisconsin, Trump’s pick for governor, Tim Michels, lost to Democratic Gov. Tony Evers, dooming Republican dreams of disbanding or significantly overhauling the state’s bipartisan election commission. “Without a doubt, election denial is alive and well, and this is a continuing threat,” said Joanna Lydgate of States United, which has sought to publicize the danger of election conspiracy theorists. But she took solace in Tuesday's results. “It was a really good night for democracy,” Lydgate said. Trump is gangrene... he needs to be cut-off and tossed! or burned. And any Republicans backing him to this day, well, glad you lost!!
  13. If the news is crying “inflation” while corporations are boasting about sky high record profits, the former is a damn lie. And this isn’t even a Democrat vs. Republican thing. It’s the working class (you and me) vs. the ruling class (them). The latter is the real struggle that matters but they want to distract you from it with the former.
  14. Not that long ago, you could purchase a 12-pack of Coca-Cola for $4-5, perhaps less if it was on sale. Now, well... Food Prices Soar, and So Do Companies’ Profits https://www.nytimes.com/2022/11/01/business/food-prices-profits.html A two-liter bottle of soda that cost $1.78 will now set you back $2.17. Something else is also much higher: corporate profits. In mid-October, PepsiCo, whose prices for its drinks and chips were up 17 percent in the latest quarter from year-earlier levels, reported that its third-quarter profit grew more than 20 percent. Likewise, Coca-Cola reported profit up 14 percent from a year earlier, thanks in large part to price increases. But amid growing concerns that the economy could be headed for a recession, some food companies and restaurants are continuing to raise prices even if their own inflation-driven costs have been covered. Critics say the moves are all about increasing profits, not covering expenses. Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Chipotle did not respond to requests for comment. Of course these large companies won't respond for comment! If they were honest they would say "Screw everyone, we're raking in all the $$$ we can!!" their lawyers would have them release a statement such as "Coca-Cola cares deeply about it's customers...blah blah...bullshit" which no person with two working brain cells would believe. So, they decide to just keep mum since they don't give one bit unless it affects their profits.
  15. Our divide reaching critical mass. Doesn't look bright at this point.
  16. In case you needed further confirmation that many things in Cali are shitty https://slate.com/business/2022/10/san-francisco-toilet-million-noe-valley-design-review.html https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/oct/24/san-francisco-1-million-public-toilet So, how can one toilet cost so much? The construction itself comes in at $1.05m, with the rest going to tasks such as architecture ($300,000), project management ($175,000) and surveying ($40,000), according to the breakdown. Such a cost isn’t so unusual in San Francisco, a city grappling with vast income inequality and one of the highest rates of homelessness in the US. Two other similar bathrooms in the city cost $1.6m and $1.7m respectively. It’s the world’s most expensive city to build in, with the recreation and parks department pointing to the many departments that must approve construction as one factor. Indeed, toilets aren’t the only items in the city threatening to give new meaning to the word “waste”. San Francisco is also in the throes of a trash can conundrum as it seeks to put new bins on the streets, with prototypes costing as much as $20,900. The Guardian tried them out – and was not hugely impressed.
  17. This is what we have become. I won't accept that it's too late to turn it around though, but this one gives me some grief though. This is really bad and will likely have some dire consequences for us all. Let us hope not, though!
  18. Welp, a Trumper and right wing Q-anon nutbag tried to murder Nancy Pelosi (and her husband). I bet there will be more bloodshed before the midterms are over, unfortunately. Too, too bad.
  19. China's chief UK diplomat in Manchester involved in assault of Hong Kong protester at consulate https://nextshark.com/chinese-consul-general-in-assault-of-protester/ This is exactly how the Chinese government views the West and freedom - something that can be bullied into submission. FUCK CHINA When people ask me why I go out of my way and would rather pay triple the price or more for something not made in China, well, the above is one big reason
  20. Its terrible, a 9mm bullet for .31 cents vs 100s of thousands of Taxpayers dollars to pay for his room and board for another 60 years. But then again we have a duly elected member of Congress (marjorie taylor greene) standing up and advocating for Alex Jones, the human piece of excrement that harassed people whose children were killed in a mass shooting incident so bad his psycho followers desecrated aforementioned childs graves and threatened aforementioned parents with rape and torture. But yeah Chris pratt as the voice for a new mario movie is equally terrible.
  21. Only in a truly fucked-up world, which we are living in, could anyone massacre 17 innocent children, and then receive "life in prison".
  22. Double whammy day. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/congress/jan-6-committee-plans-vote-subpoena-trump-sources-say-rcna52146 Jan. 6 committee votes to subpoena former President Donald Trump https://www.cnbc.com/2022/10/13/supreme-court-denies-trump-bid-to-void-ruling-in-mar-a-lago-raid-documents-case.html Supreme Court denies Trump bid to void ruling in Mar-a-Lago raid documents case
  23. In addition to ruining him financially, someone should break his arms and legs and hold them in awkward positions so they heal wrong and he has to live the rest of his worthless life in pain as a vegetable. And test bio weapons on him, but dont kill him. Make him beg for death. A miserable shit stain on america.
  24. I doubt the families will see even 10% of that, but anything that ruins Alex Jones' is good with me!
  25. Alex Jones ordered to pay close to $1 Billion for defamation. https://www.nbcconnecticut.com/news/local/alex-jones-ordered-to-pay-nearly-1-billion-in-sandy-hook-trial-in-connecticut/2891324/
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