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A place to discuss and share prototype games, carts, discs, literature etc.
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  2. Contra/Probotector (NES/FC): Super Contra/Super C/Probotector II (NES/FC): (I have this one below) Contra/Operation C/Probotector (GB) : (I have the one below) Contra Spirits/Contra III/Super Probotector (SNES/SFC) : (The one above does not actually have the same version as the one below) Contra Spirits/Contra: The Alien Wars/Probotector 2 (GB) : Contra: Hard Spirits/Contra Advance (GBA) : Contra Force (NES) : Contra 4/Contra: Dual Spirits (DS): Contra: The Hard Corps/Contra: Hard Corps/Probotector (Genesis/MD) : Contra: Legacy of War (PS1) : Contra: Legacy of War (Saturn): (I have the one below) C : The Contra Adventure (PS1) : Contra: Shattered Soldier (PS2) : Neo Contra (PS2) : (I have the one below) (bottom right in the below pic) (I have this one below) Ok
  3. Thanks for posting. @Ferris Bueller is that the SimCity proto? And random question for anyone who may know, why is Zelda 2 a shell for several protos? I know I’ve seen multiple developers use Zelda 2 shells just like this one and it’s interesting that they’re cut out perfectly for the large dev boards/proto usage. Makes me wonder if someone at Nintendo at some point cut out a bunch of these and sent them along with the dev boards to third party companies to use for prototype development. Just seems odd that there are several protos that use a Zelda 2 shell cut out this exact way but they are not exclusive to one developer.
  4. There's simply not enough proto p0rn happening in here! Here's some to help you through Friday and into the weekend... Socks the Cat Rocks the Hill SNES prototype
  5. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (does not match retail - possible pre-release version, with differences)
  6. I'd love to "join" the club, but there's no join button In the meantime, here's some proto p0rn!
  7. Think for ease of use protos should be a minimum broken down into sections by company of sub categories are possible then by console. Being this site covers all things video games we are no longer under just Nintendo fans eyes.
  8. I made it public. We can make it however we want. Any suggestions just throw them out there. @Gloves I see clubs can have only one mod. I see I cannot add or change. Is it possible to add mod duties to someone else in a club or also change?
  9. Is this club members only or public forum? Is there going to be further break downs on the types of protos to keep general browsing easier?
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