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  2. I know what changes were made to Diddy Kong Racing version 1.1, such as the removal of the Killer Instinct logo in Star City and toning down the difficulty in Spaceport Alpha (fewer lasers). The Japanes version also has these same changes. Yeah, version 1.0 is better. And I'm guessing you're only asking about American versions of N64 games, but there's the Shindou version of Super Mario 64 that adds Rumble Pak support and fixes the backwards long jump glitch. It also has nearly all of the same changes and improvements that were made to the American version.
  3. Donkey Kong 64 is actually the game I attribute to getting me into gaming as a whole. I’d definitely played consoles before but this one was the game that really kick started my love for video games. It’s easily one of my top 3 games of all time
  4. Blitz special edition, playing for the beat them all thread!!!!! After this, i might play mortal kombat mythologies: sub zero But beyond that, im not sure!!!!!!
  5. love this I need to get pics of my collection as soon as it is complete! I am just waiting on sometings in the mail!!!!
  6. So, to start, for those that aren't aware sometimes revisions were made to the game code with the most common example being The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time. This actually had two revisions to the game code which are denoted by the machine stamp on the back of the game with either an A next to the two digit number or a B indicating which revision it is. I believe the revisions were to remove an Islamic chant for the soundtrack to one of the temples as well as some of the markings on the wall with another revision changing the blood during the battle with Gannon from Red to Green. However, there were plenty of other games which saw revisions to the rom as well which are listed below. I was wondering if anyone here knew of any of the other revisions that were made? Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage Banjo-Kazooie Blast Corps Castlevanaia (A & B revisions) Chameleon Twist Cruis'n USA (A & B revisions) Diddy Kong Racing Doom 64 Excitebike 64 F-Zero X International Superstar Soccer '98 Killer Instinct Gold (A & B revisions) Mischief Makers Mortal Kombat Trilogy (A & B revisions) NFL Blitz Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber Perfect Dark Pokemon Stadium (A & B revisions) Resident Evil 2 San Francisco Rush Extreme Racing Scooby-Doo! Classic Creep Capers Star Fox 64 Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire Tonic Trouble Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (A & B revisions) Turok: Rage Wars Waialea Country Club Wave Race 64 Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey WCW vs. NWO: World Tour WWF: No Mercy
  7. Yeah, I'm trying to put all the information together in a cohesive manner and make an "official" documentation of it as this stuff completely fascinates me and as you said it's not easy to coming across
  8. Also I tried finding a cart of 1080 that didn't have the (-01) designation through Google pictures - saw USA and pal but didn't see any without it. I checked my japanese copy and it didn't have it but when I opened it up it is the (-01) board.
  9. Yeah possibly, when production runs end they would likely switch over, maybe it's the type of chips that were cheaper. I must admit I'm a little rusty on my 64 knowledge because its been a long time since I was heavy into the details for it and have been cramming my brain with original Xbox inane variants but it's still in there somewhere. Feel free to pm, I don't mind chatting here or there. Honestly this might help someone else because it's not very easy to Google the type of info that was widely available 10yrs ago.
  10. Again, I can't stress enough that I really appreciate the insight you've been able to provide, but because it's not apples to apples (1080 and 1080 -01) I want to make certain I'm grasping this correctly. Obviously they wouldn't have made any revision to the game on the bigger PCB, but is it to assume that Nintendo just moved to manufacturing these larger PCBs and stopped producing the smaller ones? So even though the size wasn't necessary for a game like 1080 it was just simply easier to give it the larger PCB and just denote as such on the front label? I did have one or two more questions in regards to the code on the front of the label that I wanted to see if maybe you didn't have the answer? Would it be okay to send you a PM?
  11. Oops sorry @silentshadow56 it's just the original design's pcb is that thin little guy and the (-01) revision is like double the size pcb with room for 2 rom banks. Note the u1 and u2 on the 1080 pcb. That revised board allowed for bigger games down the line.
  12. I appreciate the response and follow up, but still not 100% certain what the difference is on all of this because you're showing a (-01) 1080 PCB and then a non (-01) Mario 64 PCB. I'm not as familiar with the board layouts on N64 as I am NES but is it safe to say a 1080 NUS-006 will have a "NUS-01A-02" board or something similar where as a 1080 NUS-006(-01) will have a "NUS-03A-01"?
  13. I'm sorry, I was mixing things up @RHI had to double check what I said and it's all wrong. (-01) is a board revision designation doh Here's that 1080 board Here's a non (-01) - mario64
  14. You learn something new every day. So you're telling me I'd they updated the ROM, they also updated the labels, beyond the stamp on the rear label?
  15. The (-01) is the designated code for a revised version, so if the front label has that code then check the stamp on the back label to figure out what revision it is. Usually if it has an an A it's the 1.1.
  16. Hello all, Hoping there are some super sleuths that are on here that can help me determine a few different things that have plagued me over the years that I would really LOVE to finally understand and put to rest. On the front of Nintendo 64 cartridges in the center towards the very bottom you will always see a "Model#" which is NUS-006 and is the model # for all cartridges. However, on occasion I have seen "Model# NUS-006(-01)" and was wondering if anyone knew what the "(-01)" denoted? I know that a "-1" on the next line down after the "USA" denotes that it's a player's choice copy or in the case of pokemon snap that a revision to the artwork in the style of the ESRB has changed, but this would more likely denote a change in the design of the cartridge. Any insight or advice would be greatly appreciated!
  17. Since I snapped these and posted over in the restoration thread I figured why not show off over here. This console was trashed, missing the covers for the ext port and expansion bay, missing jumper pak, missing feet, all screw posts stripped and gone, reset button stuck down from sludge. Painted up peacock blue, dremeled out the region tabs to play jpn games, and now held together by the jumper pak. Also a controller and 3rd party memory card to match.
  18. I'd say that is a good price for one and that is how much they usually go. I paid $450 for my mint one with mint back sticker in an auction.
  19. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F254413346152 It's listed right now for 499.99 Don't see this pop up often, gray cart nfr dk64!! @Skorp I am going to admit I don't know which nfr you have but since I saw your dk64 love, how far out is this asking price?
  20. Yes! I can watch that over and over. So awesome.
  21. Love this game. It has one of the best opening themes in history. https://youtu.be/npuuTBlEb1U
  22. Anyone else a total fanatic over this game? Definitely my all time favourite and right now playing it the last few weeks, well actually months little by little. It was a game I played when I was a kid and absolutely loved, but never got a chance to beat it. Right now, I have gotten the furthest I ever have and just need 5 more golden bananas and 1 fairy, as well as some bananas for 500. Have to say, 3 of the golden bananas I am sure I will never be able to get.
  23. I've been working on a complete boxed 64 set for a little while and am slowly getting there. So far here's a pics of most of the games.. more soon
  24. Glover: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F153709685630 1,500$ Super Bowling: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F153709694262 1,799$ Interesting to see these up again, swear I saw them a while ago.

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