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Love your trinitron, d-series or zenith? Found a set on the curb you couldn’t leave stranded? This is your place.
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  2. mcqueen was going to go in the attic but my daughter said she wanted it and i could have the princess tv lol. i just havent gotten around to moving the princess set yet. might make it my main for the nes contest lol.
  3. i have a princess set as well but its the earlier model. composite only on both the mcqueen and princess sets. i agree, the image quality through composite is as good as any imo. they prob have low hours too. my main set is a 13fm12 trinitron. i dont like a screen over 20". 13fs100 would be my main set if i could ever find one. they have component inputs. only composite. s-video would have been awesome.
  4. That's a pretty awesome find. I'm also curious about the inputs on the back.
  5. These later Disney models have a pretty good image quality. What kind of inputs are on this? I recently found a Disney princess CRT on the curb for my daughter. I think it was made in 2008 or 2009 and the composite video is really sharp. Too bad mine doesn't have S-video or component, it might be my preferred screen if it did. Love my Trinitron but the more I use and look at CRTs for gaming I think I prefer a smaller better quality curved screen to a large flat screen CRT.
  6. $10 pickup. tv was made 2011 and the picture is pretty nice. probably doesnt have a ton of hours on it. anyway pretty cool.
  7. So this set had an issue with... I don’t know how else to explain this. the red pixels on the Galaga boss were shifted to the left. See pic below. adjustment was in the service menu using “CR DL” the blue pixels were also adjusted “C(B?) DL”
  8. Absolutely love this size (20”). Pretty nice looking set esthetically. Also nice sound from this set. composite component via hdretrovision cables. component via hdretrovision cables.
  9. I have only ever modded one Toshiba that had component on it and I felt the rgb was just a bit sharper. I know I could use an rgb to component device but this makes it simpler. Just my opinion but going straight rgb you avoid a lot of the processing going on in the TV. The Sony CRT I got rid of was a KV-27v42 that I had for like 6 months.
  10. @ginoscope how do you feel about the jump from component to rgb on a consumer set like this? I see you have the silver model I hear they are usually in better shape. what model Sony you getting rid of?
  11. @RH i picked this set up for free off craigslist. crt junkie baby! Idk if iwould trade a high end trinny for the jvc. it is a nice set though.
  12. i like this jvc I picked up but the geometry is so bad on this particular set. I like to pick another one up in better condition because it is pretty nice. my favorite set so far is the fs170 I use to have. So I’m a trinny hugger myself. but this d-series does show it is comparable if not better in the color. I remember thinking the trinny wasn’t as bold. btw 310
  13. Wow I just went yesterday to pick up a JVC AV-27D502. I Only had the chance to test the s-video and composite but I was really impressed with it. My plan is to RGB mod this set so I can have a set with all the old analog inputs. The pic below is Dracula X on the Saturn via s-video. This set is replacing a 27" Sony I am selling off this weekend.
  14. The D series hype is strong right now over on The CRT Collective on FB. I have seen a few local for free but never pulled the trigger. My arsenal of Sony consumer sets and even pro sets is strong. (and hoarderish) I would still like to get one of these Sets. I dont think I play anything through composite. Either component, s-video or RGB. I went down the CRT Rabbit hole for almost 2 years. My current daily player is a Sony KV-36FV310 with a modded wii hooked up via component which with thorough testing, NES, Sega, SMS, Game Gear, GB, GBC, GBA, TG16, Atari 7800, Coleco Vision, Atari Lynx, Super Nintendo.......All play great and actually love the filtering mods you can use plus the save states.........I used to be so anti emulator but having something all in one on a CRT is really nice.
  15. Wow, watch it buddy! Those pixels are sharp! I've always wanted a JVC but since I "dumpster dive" for mine (because I've found at least 10 over the years at the side of the road) I've never seen a JVC. I'd definitely toss/sell my Trinitron for a JVC in good working order, though.
  16. That’s exactly how this one acts. It’s terrible while scrolling. I’d like to find another d-series but for now the trinitron fs-170 is my favorite set.
  17. Yeah, the geometry is kinda wonky on this series. It's mostly the horizontal linearity. It expands towards the edges and shrinks in the center. Pretty sure these don't have any comb filters in them either so composite looks like shit.
  18. The scan lines are pretty nice on this set. The geometry is pretty bad on this one though. I was excited to get a D series as a lot of people speak highly of them. I will say the color via component is really nice. The composite seems fine when playing my nes but it’s terrible when my GameCube is hooked up. hopefully I can find one with decent geometry. edit: this was a free pickup
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