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flies! (part 2)



How hard was this? At one point, I just decided to give up completely. My idea wasn't possible of having the bees move in a straight line. So then I thought, "Well, what if they moved in the same way as the files?" That was seven hours ago. And I worked for 7 hours and now I have this:


Most of the seven hours was spent trying to make the scanline at an even 262. When it's all done, I will put it in my Atari 2600 and see how badly it jumps if at all.

  • Bees stay on the screen for a few seconds, then go away and are replaced by either another bee or a fly to swat.
  • Just touching the bee with the swatter is death. I added a death noise because it wasn't very clear if you died.
  • Like with Odyssey 2 games, you don't have any lives. I have about 100 bytes or so left. If it was this hard to accomplish, I doubt I can fit in the hornet that chases you. At least not without it being all jumpy.

I don't think I should have stayed up all night since the groceries are going to be delivered between 10am-noon. It's 3am right now, so I'd need to stay awake for at least another 7 hours. The score seems to have fixed itself. You may remember it was bigger in the previous blog entry. I didn't do anything to it, it magically shrunk itself. There are still some jumpy spots I can't fix where the scanline goes to 263 for a few frames, but that doesn't happen very often. We're expecting a heat wave, so I doubt I'll be feeling good enough to work on this during it. I'll come back to this next week if the weather cools down by then.


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