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I am making a new Atari 2600 game. Keeping in the old tradition, I have decided that if I can fit all my plans in, it will be a 2k game. If I can't then I will have to bump the size up to 4k. The original goal is to see if I can make an enjoyable game using just 2k.

I was originally going to put this as part of "Going Bananas," but decided that it could stand on its own. Plus, I now have more room to work, whiddling away the 900 or so bytes I have left if I want to make it a 2k game.

There's a lot to the game I plan to have, but the gist of it is to swat flies a la Mario Paint. I figure the Atari 2600 could handle a game like that. This is what I have right now:


The fly is moving around and you can move the swatter (the red brick-like thing) around, but that's it so far. I tried it on my Atari 2600 and it works great. But that may change as I add stuff, which I'll have to compensate with trying to make the picture steady and not jittery.

I woke up at around midnight. It's now around 4 a.m. I spent about three hours on this, first as part of Going Bananas, then I decided to move it to its own file. Which meant about 30 more minutes of work trying to make everything okay after moving the code to another file.

Bodies are a funny thing. I had my annual blood test in August, and just right now, the site on my hand where it happened showed up again. It was right near a vein so I know that's what it has to be. But it had disappeared. But now it's back. And itchy.

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