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Going Bananas



So I got back to working on Going Bananas for the Atari 2600.

I have an idea for the third and final game. My plan was to attempt to put in three simple games on one 4k Atari 2600 cartridge. The three games have one thing in common. Bananas. So my idea for the third game is you're guarding bananas from evil fruit flies that want to eat your bananas.


This is all I have so far. Nothing moves yet and the button does nothing yet. And yet I spent all of last night working on this. So why would you leave your bananas out in the open? Because if you put them away, there'd be no game!

But about 60% of my time working on this was working on the menu, trying to make it work correctly. Once I finally got the menu working, the next step was to begin work on the minigame itself.


Earlier I had an interesting problem. I think I solved it. In the "Oh Well" game, my stack kept growing larger and larger until it overflowed and crashed the game. It was because I put three letters, rts, at the wrong place. Yippee. Yes, I like bananas. I don't know why my avatar on AtariAge is a pineapple. Oh wait. Now I remember. It's because they're funny. So are bananas. The two funniest fruits. Perhaps next I'll make three minigames about pineapples.

When the game is "completed" I will then test it and attempt to fix any jitteriness I encounter. That happens a lot since the scanline has to be steady, yet putting in code increases the scanline count, but it must be steady, ideally at 262 for an NTSC TV. (Since I'm in the U.S., I am aiming to make it 262 scanlines).

I'll still work on Ugly Uppity Umpires, though, just not as much now that I rediscovered this unfinished banana game on my computer.


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