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I wanted to work on a Game Gear game, but I didn't want to work on the updated burgers game. So I found some old game I was working on and stopped and picked back up on it. I still think it's really simple, though, but boredom trumps simplicity.


This is the title screen for Yum! It's a very simple game, but it's like nothing you've played on the Game Gear before. Here is the gist:

Various food keeps moving towards your hungry mouth. Pressing 1 closes the mouth and pressing 2 opens it. You let the cookies and pizza in and close the mouth when you see icky broccoli and Brussels sprouts.


Seems simple enough. But programming this was very difficult. See, I had one food on the screen at once and it was working fine. But it was introducing that second food on the screen. I got it in, but somehow it broke the first food's "is it ok to eat" variable. So I went to bed after giving up at midnight. I woke up at about 2 p.m. and came back to work on it. I finally fixed it about a half hour ago. It's right now 5:15p.m. while I'm writing this. I am trying to think up of various things I could do to spice things up. I have a few thoughts.

  • make various levels with various speeds of the food. Change the backgrounds for each level. I'm thinking 100 foods makes the level change.
  • add a game over screen.
  • add something that makes your life counter go up if it's lower than 2. Make it appear a lot less often.

But what would be that something for an extra life? A hamburger? I don't know. I can't draw, but I tried my best to draw cookies and pizza. I think I did okay with those. But drawing the broccoli and sprouts was hard and I'd like to redo them, but like I said, I can't draw. Each food is 16x16 pixels big in case you'd like to help.

I think this game is better suited towards the Game Gear. I don't think it would look very good on a Game Boy. It needs color.

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