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I fixed the letter x in my font. I am taking a little break from this because I have been working too hard. I didn't do anything on the game today, and I doubt I will because my head hurts now. I tried to get the computer in the den on the internet. You'd think a guy who can make an NES game do it in three tries, but nooooo. They made it so hard, it's like they don't want you to have two or more computers connected to the same router. God forbid that happen.

Now I'm wondering if I can use a Game Genie with my Everdrive NES cartridge. I have a Game Genie on my Game Gear, but I don't make it work when I'm using the Everdrive on it. Either that, or it automatically gets disabled somehow.

Now I feel stupid.



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What kind of computer is it?  All my junk connects automatically with ethernet cables.  If you're using wireless, you should just have to enter or select the nework name and enter the router access key.

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