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Game Boy dolphin



So it's a unusually hot October day. It got to be 85 here today for some reason. So this got me thinking about tropics. And how they're as hot as deserts. So in the last screen of level 3, I merged the two. I put palm trees and a dolphin jumping in and out of one of three random ponds. How a dolphin can fit in that tiny pond, I don't know. I was having trouble trying to draw a dolphin. Attempt #1 looked good, but I forgot that white=transparent so it couldn't work. So I changed the white parts to dark gray. This is the result you see here.


So I finished level 3. It's time to move on to level 4: the ocean. When I pick this back up, I'll begin work on attempting to get a level 4 in the game. Since I have different C files for all the banks, I'll have to start a new C file for bank 4. This also means a new intro screen and new background music. I want to have this completed by Spring 2023. If you'd like to publish the game, let me know. And you can always get the latest rom on the official site: http://www.atari2600land.com/gameboy/ftff.html

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