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Frank in the desert.



Last time we left Frank the Fruit Fly, he was wandering in the desert. I've been working on the game these past few days. I aded a couple of screens to the game.

For some reason, the game broke so I had to fix it again. Everything seems to be working again...for now.

ftffscreen30.png.ba2526cf52d0965e5389e7f992e49b97.png  bgb00037.png.0179a8242a7dc9c5d529118e34022673.png

I'm almost done with level 3. I'd like to add an oasis with a fish jumping out of a pond that Frank must avoid. That will serve as a prelude to level 4: the ocean. It's like the Pokemon Mini version, where instead of a fish, it was the frog jumping on a lily pad.

I FINALLY discovered why my tile-deciphering code wasn't working. I had the variables I was using as 8-bit numbers when they should be 16-bit. So I changed them to 16 bit and everything is working great now. Also, now I know why my GoSub code wasn't working correctly. I could go back and fix GoSub, but it isn't being released anywhere, so I won't. I'm also wanting to add a Super Game Boy border for Frank the Fruit Fly, which I will do at the end if there's enough room in bank 0 when I finish programming. Right now, it's about half-full.

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