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A frog.



I think it's okay to steal from yourself. I lifted the frog from the Pokemon Mini version and put him in the Game Boy version of "Frank the Fruit Fly." I got bored and so I decided if I had an idea I'd might as well just program it. And then I tried to go to sleep, and couldn't, so I got out of bed and made him face the other direction. I'm satisfied with the result. Don't touch the frog tongue! You'll lose health if you do.


I don't remember who designed the frog, I just know it wasn't me. I think I asked for someone to make a frog sprite and this is what they came up with. Now it takes about a minute to compile bank 2. It's now 75% filled. I don't know how that happened so quickly.

I also made a new title screen song since I was using the same one for GoSub GB, which never got published anyway. I attempted to makesome percussion for the music, a light hi-hat or something.


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