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A frosty snowman.



I was looking through my code and thought "What can I make talk?" If you go up to certain characters and press B, they will give you a short comment or hint. I worked yesterday on the snowman, so I decided to make him talk. If you go up to the snowman's face and press B, he'll say something.


Well, not "say" something as in making the game talk (although that would be cool. Having Frank say "ouch!" in a tiny little fruit fly voice whenever he gets hurt. But that's not going to happen.)

The snowman gives a clue on how to defeat it. I have around 50% of the bank for level 2 filled, so I can add a few more screens in it. I will take a few days' rest to think about what to add next to this game. It's about 25% done because I plan on having it be 6 levels.


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