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More potato chip fun



I thought of an idea for the later levels: Homing missiles that the onion rings can shoot. So I put them in as a test. Then I noticed the missiles ranged in thickness when new playfield data is introduced. I didn't want that to happen, so I spent the next few hours trying to make it stop. This meant redoing all three screens I had designed so far, as well as the sprites. The sprites are smaller because the way I changed the way I use the playfield data to make the missiles all one thickness all the time made them bigger somehow.


Oh well. At least the potato chip now looks like a potato chip and not a deformed Pac-Man. So the homing missiles will start at level 4. Level 7 will be an ultimate boss fight. I'll draw a giant onion ring in the sky with the playfield with small onion rings shooting homing missiles. Things I'm unsure of:

  • level designs for 4-6.
  • should I make the game end after level 7 or should I make it so the game goes on forever?
  • I'm also wondering if I could make it so there's more than one onion ring at the boss fight. There's this mode in batari Basic called "multisprite", but I'm wondering how I could do this using assembly.

I did all that work while my eye hurt. I had a migraine so bad I had to stop working at 6 a.m. or so and vomit out all the food I had eaten since I woke up. But now my eye doesn't hurt anymore. It just happens whenever it feels like it, about once every 2 months or so.

I have about 1,600 bytes left of my 4k. An idea I thought up just now while typing this blog out: have a boss fight at the end of every level instead of only at the end. Hm. Can I do that? I shall now return to work programming this to see...



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