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Some potato chip fun



I was looking through my stuff on my computer a couple days ago. I went into the Atari 2600 folder. I found my flying burger game. I tried it. It was okay, except for that the missile for the burger changed color. I thought to fix it, I could make the burger not a burger, but instead be something that just used one color. A hamburger wasn't one color. But what is? I thought for a minute. Potato chips are one color. So I changed the burger into a potato chip. The missile is the same color now.

Now that I changed the hamburger into a potato chip, it shouldn't be called "Flying Burger" any more. So I changed the name to "Potato Chips En Masse." That was yesterday. This morning I decided to make a new level. I worked for a couple hours as the new level put in jagged colors in other levels. So I had to straighten that out and make sure it was a solid 262 scanlines so the display doesn't jump around.


I also spent an unusual amount of time trying to make the sand here at the bottom of the ocean here. So I got everything squared away...for today.

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