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The return of Stupidman again



Had it been that long? Last time I worked on my NES game was back in January. I figured I should work on it again. I'm trying to ease myself back into NES programming because I had forgotten a lot of what I had done and learned. The first thing I discovered was I had more tiles than I thought. So I used this to my advantage and used some more tiles to create a better title screen.


The title is a pun. The "date" it's referring to is actually a raisin. And not just any ordinary raisin, but the world's oldest raisin. It had been raisinnapped by Mr. Germ! Mr. Germ is the world's smallest villain. This is because he's a germ. (And also because I don't want to draw a villain because I suck at drawing, as you can tell from the title screen.)

I have used up around 50% of my allotted 32k. So it appears I can do what I had planned for this game.

  1. Act 1 - going to the museum (finished)
  2. Act 2 - inside the museum (finished)
  3. Act 3 - going to the grocery store (finished)
  4. Act 4 - inside the grocery store
  5. Act 5 - going to Mr. Germ's hideout
  6. Act 6 - final fight with Mr. Germ
  7. ending

I am also around 50% done with my game. That worked out quite well. Here is a screenshot of the improved Act 3. It's improved because the road is centered and the score no longer has an ugly green background behind it.


It appears the NES sucks at scaling, but I needed a new way to draw the road because I already drew the road in Act 1 and I wanted to make it different. Act 5 will also be on a road, but it will be more like Act 1's road.

It also appears that I may have to change the score. Or I could leave it in for a comedic effect. It starts at 999,999 and counts downward in case something bad happens (crashimg into something with the Stupidmobile, being in the museum for one second, etc.)


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