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Frank the Fruit Fly - 8/2/2022



I changed the font. I didn't like the one I had in there.


I replaced the not working spider web screen with a couple of new ones. One has Frank dodging a bee. If the bee stings Frank, he'll lose health and another bee will come out of the  beehive and go after him. The other has two flowers. Frank must go on the ground between the two flowers and press A to unlock the way out of level 1. I don't know how hard it will be to figure out that's what you must do, though.

I also fixed a bug where choosing continue when the game hasn't saved anything yet will take you to level 1. I thought I had fixed this before, but I didn't. So I tried to again and I think I did this time. Before, the title screen would just loop over and over again.

I composed some music for level 2. It's only thirty seconds or so, but I don't think it will sound that repetitive.

I woke up at about 1 a.m. or so. I kept waking up due to nightmares. I'd wake up and then feel so sleepy I went back to sleep and continued the nightmare. After waking up the third time, I had enough of that, so I got out of bed and began my day. Right now it's almost 3 a.m.


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