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One game in search of a publisher.



So I've been tweaking more and more my GoSub border image. It now looks like this:


The maximum number of colors the border can have is 16. That isn't a big deal yet (there's only 12 or so). But I don't want to make the border too distracting from the game.

Also, I changed the coral so it looks more like seaweed. I attempted to make it like Super Mario Bros., but the coral in that game is 16x16 pixels so that wouldn't work since my coral is only 8x8. So I designed something different here. I noticed the coral in Super Mario Bros. had one long stalk no matter how high it got. I tried to do that to mine as well, and also I had to make it look like a horizontal line as well. So that's what I did. I think I will put in 32 levels before I begin to work on the ending. Then the box art can say "More than 30 levels of coral capers!" if there happens to be any box art. I would like to release the game when it's finished, but I don't know if anyone wants to. It's looking for a publisher.

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