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Game Boy homebrew (part 2)



So I went ahead and bought Retroid and Infinitron for Game Boy. I don't know if Infinitron can be playable on a regular Game Boy or not because the website's screenshots were in color, which I guess is okay since I have a Game Boy Color, but I am looking for stuff to play on just a regular Game Boy. As I understood and gathered, Retroid is similar to Arkanoid and Infinitron is similar to Robotron 2084. Hopefully Retroid will be better than my Game Boy games Super Breakout and Alleyway. But there is not a Robotron 2084 or similar game on the Game Boy, so that will be interesting. (Robotron 2084 IS however, available on the Game.com, so figure that out.)


I'm still working on my Game Boy GoSub game, making little improvements here and there to make it what I want it to look like and do. Today I worked on the music's little garbling for a few frames when it switches to the title screen. The finished one will not switch back to the title screen, but instead after you finish the last level I will make it go to an ending. I decided that 50 levels is too much and I don't have enough room for that. But I will make enough levels as room allows me to. All the rest of the levels will have to be in bank 3 due to the way the game is laid out. I can fit a rather complex ending in bank 2 since it's almost empty.



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