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GoSub for game boy again



So the canoeing game works on the Odyssey 2, but I got sick of working on it, so I went back to another project I had: GoSub for Game Boy.

The last time I left it, I could not get the octopi to stay within the boundaries even though I told them to. Well, I worked on this yesterday and I think I have solved it. Then a few other problems popped up. Trying to fix these brought up some other problems. So (even though I don't exactly know what I am doing here), I logically thought (even though the computer doesn't sometimes agree what is "logical.") and I got it to at least work without crashing.

I am planning on having 50 levels in the game. Right now I have 24 in. So I am about 50% finished. Then I need to think up of an ending. And then put an Easter Egg I thought up in. I could put in way more levels, but I don't want the game to be too long.


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