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Canoeing on the moon



For a change of pace, I decided to work on "Can You Canoe?" for the Odyssey². It took a long time, way longer than I expected, because the alien kept not displaying correctly. Level 4 is on the moon. I decided to make it so that the enemies zigzag after level 3. So the swimming alien moves up and down accordingly.


There will be a total of 6 levels. I don't know what to have happen after level 6, though. Perhaps just go through all the levels again and again until you die. I don't know what levels 5 or 6 will be.

I have gone back to being awake all night and sleeping all day.

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Nice!  The title alone, Canoeing on the Moon, is very intriguing.  Excited to see more progress on the project.  

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Canoeing on the moon is just the title of the blog entry. The name of the project is "Can You Canoe?"

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