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Yum for Game Gear



Awhile back, I made a Game Boy game called "Yum!" It was more like the Atari 2600 game "Fast Food". Later, I thought up a game where you need to open and close the guy's mouth in order to eat (or avoid) food. Having no other title in mind, I decided to name it "Yum!" as well. It was originally called "Face It" but I thought that was kind of nondescriptive, while "Face Food" just didn't sound right.

So now I am working on "Yum!" for the Game Gear. I tried simultaneously to make a Master System game as well, but the graphics didn't work on my real Master System.

Today I worked on adding in a title screen.


And here is a screen of the game in action.


Food is flying towards this guy's mouth. There are four different foods: Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Pizza and Cookies. To open the guy's mouth, you press button 2 and to close it, you press button 1. The goal is to avoid eating the vegetables and eat the pizza and cookies. The number of lives starts at 2 and when you get down to 255, the game ends (you lose a life if you eat the vegetables or avoid eating the pizza or cookies.) I played a little and my highest score is 280. The game goes faster after 25 points. (you get a point for each food.)

In case you're wondering what happened to Zurich In Reach, I decided to take a little break on it. It's not dead, just on the back burner. I'll come back to it when Yum! gets completed. I just got a little tired of working on it.


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