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YouTube video of HERTS: ZIR



I finished level 2 of my game I've been making. So I decided to make a little YouTube video to celebrate.

Level 2 is a mysterious, eerie cave. So I decided to put in some eerie-sounding music. I went in to compose a song that sounded cavey and I think I did a good job. Level 1 (not shown in the video) is in the clouds, so I tried to make something that sounded carnival-like.

Right now, bank 0 is 14% free, bank 1 is 7% free and bank 2 is 56% free. Which is okay since banks 3-7 are 100% free. WIP stands for "work in progress" in case you didn't know. And this is about 25% done now (I plan to have eight levels). In the later levels, I want the enemies to move up and down instead of just straight forward. Most of the game's in-game code is held in bank 0.

The next step in this process is to test level 2 to see if everything is visible on a real Game Gear and make color adjustments as needed.

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