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Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland: Zurich In Reach!



So I decided to retitle the game I was making for the Game Gear. Instead of "Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland 3" it's now


Why the change? I got to thinking: If someone were to publish the game with the 3 in it, that would mean there would have to be a second one. But of course, the second one won't be published. I now think of the first two games as practice for this one. An outfit called Retro Circuits published the first one for a short time before they quit operations. So now I have to find someone else to publish this game when I get finished with it.

That and I find names beginning with Z as humorous. And sure enough, there's a city in Switzerland that begins with Z. And I played Sonic Chaos for the Game Gear. Even with the Game Genie, the game is unbeatable stupid hard. Which led me to want to make a game I can beat. Then I reminded myself I was working on a game for the Game Gear!

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You seem like a very colorful fellow.  Have to say, I love the title and the subtitle even more.  Please be sure to let us know when/where we can see a bit of your game in action!

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