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1 on 1 Basketball: Title screen



With 1 on 1 Basketball's in-game code potentially completed, I went to work on a title screen for the game. After the "Cedar Games" intro, this is a first attempt at the title screen to the game.


Not a very splashy thing, I know, but since this is the Odyssey² we're talking about after all, something like this should do. Some more work needs to be done on it (like centering and stuff), but I just wanted to show you my idea for a title screen to my game. The entire thing works now. Title screen, a player presses fire to start the action, when the game is done the final score should appear.

Since this game is mostly finished, I need to get to work writing the instructions for it. This will be done after I'm sure the game has been absolutely finished and there are no bugs in it. If you want to test it for me and have a real Odyssey² or Videopac and have a means to get homebrew games playing on it, let me know. I don't come on this site very often, perhaps a few times a day, but I am more active over on the AtariAge forums.

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