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GoSub for Game Boy - update on 5/8/2022



Today is mothers' day. When you are done reading this, phone your mom. She's the reason you're here. Unless she's dead.

I made a new GoSub title screen. I was learning all about bankswitching, stuff I didn't know. I made a little animation on the GoSub title screen. It's a little too long to make a GIF out of it. So here's a little picture of it.


I thought it would be better than one static image that didn't do anything. I decided to make the O in "GOSUB" round instead of an oval. In order to do that, I had to redraw the G, S, U, and B too. This is what I came up with.

Now GoSub is 64k. I plan to keep it that size because there's no reason to make it bigger. Unless I want to add more levels and a password system to it. Which I'm not going to do because I have it all planned out and I'm lazy and I'm having trouble making new levels as it is (17 so far.)

  • Bank 0 has the title screen and main game.
  • Bank 1 stores levels 1-25.
  • Bank 2 will store levels 26-50.
  • Bank 3 stores all the music and will also store the ending.

So yes, you'll have to go through all 50 levels to see the ending. A daunting task, but hey, so is beating Super Mario Land. But I suppose using a Game Genie will get you to level 50 pretty quickly if someone takes the time to figure out the code to it once I finish the game.


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