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Walking around



One thing I was wanting to do with the basketball game was make some animation on the guys. It looked like they were gliding around rather than walking. I knew how to do this, change the look of the sprites so it made it look like they were walking, but the main problem was fitting this into the game. I was trying to go to sleep when I thought of a workaround. Instead of attempting to change the sprite when the player was moving, instead change the sprite based on its y and x position when moving.

This means that the player will always have the same sprite at the same place when he's moving around, but not if he's stopped. For example, if he's at a y position of, say, 47, and his x position is 46, this will always lead the game to have the sprite where his left leg is always up (instead of the right one). But if his x position is, say, 52, his right leg will always be up. (These aren't accurate numbers, I'm just using them as an example of what I'm trying to convey.) BUT, if the player is moving, it will still look like he's walking around the court instead of gliding.

Even though it SAYS I have about 200 bytes left when I compile the game, I doubt I have that much left. So any changes I make to this will have to be minor. The main thing to do is come up with a title screen to all this, which is okay because it can be in a different bank after my "Cedar Games" intro. Then once the game starts, the game will switch to the bank that the in-game code is stored.

I bet the original Basketball programmer could have come up with a way better basketball game, though, if he wasn't ordered to also put bowling on the same cartridge. I have no idea why they wanted two unrelated games on the same cartridge, but I bet it was to save on money. It is odd though that to homebrewers apparently money isn't the same obstacle it was back in the day.


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