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Part 13: The Collapse  (The, I Need a Beer)  



Sadly, this is the last Kijiji Tale I had written during my original venture. It was the craziest experience I had in my opinion. You can be the judge though, enjoy.

All of my previous Kijiji Tales revolved around traveling out on Adventures. However, not all Kijiji Tales are about traveling out and about. This Tale was a rarer case, were I did a deal at home. I usually never ever did deals from my house but from time to time, I did.


This Tale began in the work lunchroom before shift began. I had a repetition as the “Video Game Guy”. I am sure many of you have that title at your jobs also. So my buddy asked me if I could get him some PS2 kids games for his daughters. He was a bit older and not very tech savvy so I did not hesitate to help him. I made a “Wanted” ad right after he asked me and I got a hit on it right away.


The person that replied said he had an excellent lot of kid-orientated games for PS2. He was very open to conversation and mentioned he was a collector himself that was very into GBA. The PS2 lot he offered was dirt-cheap so I agreed to setup a deal with him later in the week.


Unfortunately, shortly after I had severely pulled a muscle in my lower back playing ball hockey. I was barely able to walk around the house. Having a physical job, I had stayed home from work for a few days to rest.  


I reluctantly I asked him to do the deal at my house. I was in no condition to be driving around town because of the pain in every breath I took. He had no issue coming to my place however. I never liked it when people came over to my house do deals but I figured he was a fellow collector. What the heck, what could possibly go wrong?


The evening of the deal eventually came. It was very cold and dark out already, I was home alone resting in bed. The doorbell rang and I hobbled down the stairs to answer it.  I opened the door to see a hulking man about 6’4” pushing 300lbs. I invited him in to get out of the icy weather. Having opened the door for countless people in my life, I assumed he would walk in close the door behind himself.  I crept to the handrail on my staircase for support; I grabbed it and held on trying to ease the pain. He walked in like a robot, put the two massive bags on games down on the floor and then knelt down in front of me. He was dead silent. Watching him, I thought he was un-lacing his shoes or Velcro or ??? Then all the sudden without warning he violently collapsed backwards, his head crashing into my front door with a massive SONIC BOOM slamming it shut. I was absolutely dumfounded! I just stood there in complete shock looking at him slumped in my entryway. His neck was crammed in the corner.


I spouted out "Oh Shit! Are you okay man?" 


He was silent for a few seconds that felt like an eternity and then his lips slowly began to move

"Yes…. just pull me out of this corner so I can breathe." He mumbled. 


So now I am standing thinking WTF is going on and my back is completely shot and now I gotta pull this massive dude out of the corner so he can breathe???


With all the strength I could muster, I grabbed his completely limp arm and pulled him out of the corner straightening his head and neck to open his airway. My back being in intense pain, I kept asking if he needed an ambulance and kept reassuring me "no no I am fine"


As you can imagine, I was ultra-confused at this point because he was completely lifeless except the fact he could speak perfectly normal. Therefore, I awkwardly stood there until he sat up and started to explain what just happened.    


"Sorry I have narcolepsy and I just had a fit, happens when I meet someone new, get nervous or excited. Stuff like that"


Obviously, this all made sense now but I didn't know how to react. I just tried to be as cool and polite as possible. After a few minutes, he was finally able to sit up. He sat there and began to tell me his whole story. I could not help but like the guy.  He eventually stood up and made a complete recovery. We continued chatting after he gathered his marbles and I offered to show him my collection in the basement.


As it turns out, he was a really nice guy who absolutely loved GBA. When we entered my game room basement, he walked right past my NES and SNES collection (which I was proud of at the time) for the GBA stuff. We continued chatting about the love of the hobby.  After the tour was coming to an end, he mentioned he had brought some additional items if I was interested. It turned out to be a major score when he pulled out a “like new” CIB GBA Micro Famicom Edition and CIB Oracle of Ages and Seasons. I am not to sure if he really wanted to sell me the Micro Famicom but he eventually did along with the Zelda games. I was extremely happy with getting those 3 items.


I actually kept in touch with him a while after the deal through email but sadly we eventually lost touch. It was the most bizarre incident I ever had to deal with on Kijiji to date.


Thank you to all that have read Kijiji Tales to this point. It was a fun experience sharing these stories and talking about the crazy experiences I had. I plan to continue Kijiji Tales, retelling past experiences. Although the upcoming entries will be less crazy and focus more of the more “normal” deals I did. The trouble will be having to recall them from memory ha ha. So there will be no time line for upcoming entries.


Thanks again,



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