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Part 9: Don't Be Late (The Stood Up)(The I need a Beer)



First tale of 2022!

Even though this one happened many years ago, it still pisses me off when I think about it…

It was an extremely cold and snowy day at work. I was sitting in the back of a pickup truck browsing Kijiji. It was more of the usual stuff until I found something rather unique. A NES bootleg multi-cart. I think we have all come across one of these at some point in our lives.  It was something I was not crazy about but it came in a sleeve I had never seen before and I thought it would be a nice addition to my collection.


The negotiation phase of this deal was BRUTAL, to say the least. The seller was handling her dad's Kijiji since he was out of town on vacation. This girl was not budging on anything! We set up the deal for right after my shift. The location the seller gave me was much closer to my work than to home so it made perfect sense to go right after my shift. It was literally on the opposite side of the city from my house, probably like 45 min drive on a good day.


It was dark when I left work at 5pm. I was in good contact with this girl throughout the entire setup of the deal that afternoon.  The neighborhood was unknown to me. I fought my way through the worst rush hour traffic you could imagine, to this hidden gem of a neighborhood. Massive 80s style houses on enormous lots of land right in the middle of a regular neighborhood.  I was very impressed.


Reluctantly, I drove up this "mile long" driveway to this beautiful house. I was not 100% sure if this was the house or not because of the unusual neighborhood and Google Maps wasn't registering it. There were no lights on anywhere and the yard was dark and surrounded by tall trees.  I started to call the number on the listing as I approached. I was a little later then the agreed time due to the traffic. But only approximately 5 min or so. There was no answer, so I called again... sadly, there was still no answer.  I got out and went to the door and rung the doorbell. I could hear and see a little yappy dog as I peered through the window but no one came to the door. Therefore, I called again. This time I could hear the phone ringing in the house as I stood there. "Just great" I thought. No one is home. I stood there in disbelief for a while but then turned tale and walked back to my truck kicking rocks. As anger set in, I got in my truck and sent an email asking the girl WTF happened.


I was super pissed off but with no other option, I peeled out.  I drove back to the main road I needed to get on. Both directions were a grid locked. It took me 2 hours to get home that night and with nothing to show for it.


Just as I pulled into my driveway, I got an email reply from her stating nonchalantly that I was late and she had to leave. She never said it was an emergency or anything. She did not try to contact me. Nothing. She just bailed on me.  To say the least it was beyond aggravating since we had such good communication the whole time.


Looking back it is still a tough pill to swallow since I never seen one of those wonderful sleeves on a bootleg multi-cart again. I know, I know, it’s just a multi-cart but stuff like that is why I love collecting.

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3 hours ago, RoyalT said:

Pissed me off just reading this!  Been there Kobra!

Yeah dude ha ha. I feel we have all been there before. 

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The traffic is what gets me. For 5 minutes and with no warning she puts you through that. Gross.

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2 hours ago, Gloves said:

The traffic is what gets me. For 5 minutes and with no warning she puts you through that. Gross.

Well judging from that house, the $20 I was going to pay for the game was minuscule to her. I was just a little peasant ha ha 

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