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Stupidman (part 8)



I redesigned the road in the game. It now looks like this:


Hopefully it better portrays going forward on the street. The yellow lines move down, hopefully creating an illusion of the car moving. I had a heck of a time putting the word PAUSED under the score when the game is paused. So now that I've gone back and done that, the next time I work on this game I can finally see if I can get chickens randomly crossing it.

I played an NES game: Xexyz. When it's paused, it doesn't even say "PAUSED". The only way you know you've paused it is if you remebered you pressed the start button. Hm. I played it with a Game Genie and got to level 5 when I gave up because it was too hard even with one. There are just some games that don't get better with a Game Genie I guess.


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