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Stupidman (part 5)



More work on Act 2. Tidied the museum up a little...


And began the insides of the museum:


I'm not going to work on this tomorrow because it's my birthday tomorrow so I don't want to get angry on my birthday. I plotted the inside of the museum. I made a map of what I want the inside to look like:


The plan is to use six types of room, each with their own collision detection boundaries so Stupidman doesn't go over the walls. So each "T" style room will be the same (the one pictured above.) and each dead end will be the same, and so on. I hope I have enough room to do what I have planned. I'm reaching the number of different screens Hamburgers had, and it fit, so that's a plus. Also, in the museum, I plan to have Ming vases try to attack Stupidman when he's in the museum. If he touches one, he'll lose points, so the strategy here is to avoid them.


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