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Save the puppies again.



I got back to working on Save the Puppies. It's a game I've been making for Game Boy. Just to see if I could, I attempted to make this a 64k game. This time, I had success in making a bankswitched Game Boy game. Although I don't really know what I'll do with the extra room. Perhaps make 50 levels worth of gameplay with it?

Worked on it yesterday, trying to make it compatible with GBDK-2020. I managed to do that. Then I played it on a Super Game Boy. It had obvious audio issues, which, with a few hours worth of work changing most of the sound effects, I had that solved. Sadly I had to change the level clear and game over ditties be one channel instead of two like they were. But the main thing is the game works. And it's 64k.

I don't know what I'll do with the game when it's finished. I think it's a pretty good game idea: going around collecting dogs that pop up with movement akin to Chip's Challenge. Unfortunately, I lost the micro SD card I was using when it sprang out of the Everdrive and I don't know where it landed. Since my room is a mess, I just counted it as gone. And that's not the first time that has happened. So I used the other micro SD card I was using to test Odyssey² games with. Hopefully I won't lose this one, but if I do, I'll have to buy a new micro SD card. They're too small!


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