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Burger changes



I redesigned level 3. It now looks like this:


I also made the chicken nugget come less often. Right now you have a 1.9% chance the next enemy wouldn't be an enemy but a chicken nugget. It was 3.9%. You can really notice the difference just a 2% change makes. I like this level 3 better than the last one I had. It looks more like what I was aiming for when I first designed the level. In case you can't tell what it is and thought I just went crazy, it's supposed to be the inside of a cave.

Working on NES makes me better appreciate what art can be done given 8x8 tiles can do. All the graphics in the game, including the sprites and letters, is just made up of 256 possible tiles. Because I don't know how to switch between tile sets. And the fact I didn't need to in this game.

But at least I am doing it. For a long time I wanted to make an NES game. Now, if only Dreamcast development was this easy...

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