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Part 7:The Redneck (The wow, where am I?)



Once again it has been a long time since posting a Tale, so I hope all that read this one enjoy it. 

After a long collecting break, which I am sure many of you have also taken, I found this deal on Kijiji. I noticed the ad as I was on a bus headed to work. It was for a solid lot of  CIB Sega Master System games. There were some uncommon games in the lot and a few were from other regions. It was a really good  lot for the price but the downfall was that the location of the deal was an hour drive away from my job site. I was itching to pick something up so I made the deal for after I got off work. I often enjoyed the long drives if the deal was a good one and this one was worth it.


So my shift ended and I left work for the long journey ahead. After about an hour of busy rush hour traffic, I arrived in the small town right on time and proceeded to try to find the guys house... Or so I thought it was a house. Turns out he was located in a trailer park. “No problem…” I thought.


Disclaimer * Now I am from Alberta and a lot of other Canadians look at Albertans as "rednecks" ha-ha. I never understood why, but after this deal, I completely understand.


So I get to this trailer park and the addresses are confusing as hell. Half the trailers do not have proper numbers posted, thick trees and bushes everywhere.  I was having trouble finding his place as I went up and down the narrow roads. I was getting frustrated, so I decided to call the guy. To my surprise he immediately answered before a full ring and shouted "STOP! You just drove by". So, I hit the brakes, threw my truck in reverse and backed up. How this guy knew it was me baffles me to this day. Maybe there wasn’t much traffic on his road... I don’t know. 


I pulled into his yard and parked on his gravel pad. So there he was. A skinny dude wearing a white tank top, shaved head, and Coke bottle glasses. Even better was that he was sitting in a rocking chair on his raggedy "porch", drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette. "Are you here for the video games?" He said. "Yes....." I confusingly replied. Like wtf I just called you and you directed me where to find your place man...?!?!? Once again, just like in my other stories, no games were to be seen anywhere.


As I approached the porch, he put his smoke out in his beer can then he invited me inside. Now this was a real treat, it was hard to believe this place was actually livable. There were literally holes right through the floor that I had to avoid falling into. Garbage was everywhere. Where the kitchen table should have been, there was a drum kit instead. Guitars and basses set up among the trash. I stood there trying not to touch anything and there he was standing there right next to me. Then after a few completely awkward seconds of him staring at me in silence, he announced he would go get the games. So he disappears into the filth for a while (which seemed like an eternity) and then returned with a drawer from a dresser with the Master System games in it. Yes… a dresser drawer with the Sega Master System games. He handed me the drawer and I returned him a solid look of WTF. "Ahhh do you have a bag or a box or something...?" I said,  He looked confused at first then spoke up, "Oh right" he said as he grabbed a liquor store bag that was on the countertop. I paid him the cash and then it was back through the death trap maze trying to avoid getting a bacterial infection. 

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Yes!!!  I never heard this one.  This epitomizes the Alberta collecting experience.  So many shitholes, so many gems❄️

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