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Jack and the beanstalk (part 3)



Work on this has been going good. I started work on the Giant's castle a week or so ago. Here are some screenshots of inside the castle.


The triangles are stairs. If they lean right (like in the picture), they are stairs up. Leaning the other way means they're stairs going down. To use the stairs, all you need to do is touch them. Right now I have 3 floors of the castle in. I want to have a total of four floors and still have room in the code for the key hiding. I think I will.

In order to go to the fifth floor, Jack will need the key which is hiding somewhere in the castle, and Jack must search for it. What's on the fifth floor? The giant, as well as the goose that lays the golden eggs and the harp - the prizes Jack sees and wants. Each floor has 14 screens (what I call "rooms") for a total of 56 possible screens that the key could be hiding in.

The Giant's screen I am imagining a "Donkey Kong" like setup, where the giant is at the top and Jack is at the bottom and the Giant is throwing boulders down at Jack as he tries to climb up to him using platforms. Thinking out loud here. The letter H makes a fine ladder, don't you think? I think I'll use that. But that's for a later day. First I have to design and program in the fourth floor and put the key in the game.


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