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Jack and the beanstalk (part 2)



So, level 1 is completed. I made a few changes.

  • one bird is now 2 bats.
  • bat collision sends you 5 screens back instead of the beginning.
  • 21 screens to climb up.

I tested this on a real Odyssey 2 and it works fine.


Making change number 2 was very difficult. I had to go and figure out where the screen's stalk x position starting place was and then figure out where to put Jack so he's on the stalk (what to make his x position be), and then make the program put Jack there (which was the hard part). I did this earlier today. And once he gets on screen 22, he's in the clouds and about to go into the white castle. (It's in the clouds. I can't make the grid different colors.) When he reaches the door, right now it just goes back to the title screen, but later I'll make him enter the castle.

I need to figure out how to draw the castle's rooms. I need to find my Haunted House game for the Odyssey 2, go through the code and figure out what to do. But that will be saved for when I'm bored and haven't worked on game making for a while. So right now I'm on version 15, made today. I made a YouTube video of version 14 yesterday.

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