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I've been working on a new Game Boy game called "Nincompoop." It's about a piece of poop that goes around the screen collecting poop that pops up in random places. You can download the latest version on the official Nincompoop website. I've added a title screen with music. I need some feedback about the music though. It never hurts to have another set of ears listening to it. I've been listening, and tweaking, and listening again for so long, it's become normal. Anyway, press Start on the title screen to start the game.

This game took a looooong time to get the moving correct and not getting the poop stuck in the walls where it can't be reached. As for Flies, well, I worked on it a little as well a few days ago. It's got to the finished stage. So I've begun working on a new game. I got inspired by the Game Boy game "Solomon's Club." But the view in Nincompoop is overhead so the poop doesn't jump, you control his movement with the directional pad.


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