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#145 - The Magic of Scheherazade



Today I am covering a game that I was very excited to try out and see what it was about.  I read about and saw pictures of The Magic of Scheherazade in old gaming magazines I had growing up.  It seemed interesting but the game never crossed my path so I never got to try it out.  I was expecting the game to be somewhat like a Zelda clone, and I guess in some ways that's true.  The game definitely has more to it than meets the eye.  Put it all together and this is a pretty neat NES game that often flies under the radar.

This time I also recorded my first true longplay for YouTube, clocking in at 10 hours.  My longest video before this was around 2 1/2 hours.  It might be something to check out if you are stuck and bored at home!


Full Review:  http://takeontheneslibrary.com/finished/145-the-magic-of-scheherazade/



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