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What I'm working on for the various consoles I can program for.

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Save the puppies!

I decided the game about poop was too gross. So I took some time, redrew the sprites, and made it a game about saving puppies. Under my right thumb nail itches really bad. Anyway, I needed to tell someone because it's really annoying, especially when trying to type. I made a new website for the game. If you go to the Nincompoop website, click the link to be redirected to it.  


Gamegearguy in Game Boy

Back to Game Boy programming.

I got angry and confused at my Basketball game for the Odyssey², so I quit working on it and went back to my Game Boy hamburgers game. I redesigned level 5 and put in a sixth level. I want to have as many levels as I can think of, but my main goal is at least 10. Level five is underwater, and level 6 is a big city (those tall black things with square holes are skyscrapers with windows.)  


Gamegearguy in Game Boy

Save the puppies again.

I got back to working on Save the Puppies. It's a game I've been making for Game Boy. Just to see if I could, I attempted to make this a 64k game. This time, I had success in making a bankswitched Game Boy game. Although I don't really know what I'll do with the extra room. Perhaps make 50 levels worth of gameplay with it? Worked on it yesterday, trying to make it compatible with GBDK-2020. I managed to do that. Then I played it on a Super Game Boy. It had obvious audio issues, which, with


Gamegearguy in Game Boy


Sound is what all good video games should have. Sound is also hard to program on the Game Boy. But I managed to put some sound effects in my Game Boy game about hamburgers. I put in four sound effects: sound for the burger shooting sound for the milkshake shooting sound for the fry hitting an object sound for burger hitting an object My game doesn't look any different from yesterday, but with these new sounds, it sounds a lot better. And with all these sound effec


Gamegearguy in Game Boy

Winter solstice present

Here is a solstice present for you all: A demo version of Hamburgers for the Game Boy! You can get it here. The game is by no means finished. Quite the opposite: I just started on it. But I think I'm far enough along to give you a glimpse of what I am aiming for. I have been using up most of my waking hours working on this game for the past few days. Now that I have done all the stuff I wanted to do on this before I quit work on it for a few days, I will quit work on it for a few days.


Gamegearguy in Game Boy

Game Boy Burgers

Well, let's see. We have Burgertime, we have...um...that's about it. Until now. I began a quest yesterday to see if I could port Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland to Game Boy. The game originally was on the Game Gear, and I made a Virtual Boy version, and I made an NES version. So now I am attempting this Game Boy version. It's really hard to draw a hamburger, a milkshake, and, well, just about anything using only 3 colors. That's the trouble I had with the Virtual Boy version. I worked on it s


Gamegearguy in Game Boy


I've been working on a new Game Boy game called "Nincompoop." It's about a piece of poop that goes around the screen collecting poop that pops up in random places. You can download the latest version on the official Nincompoop website. I've added a title screen with music. I need some feedback about the music though. It never hurts to have another set of ears listening to it. I've been listening, and tweaking, and listening again for so long, it's become normal. Anyway, press Start on the title


Gamegearguy in Game Boy

GoSub for Game Boy - update on 5/8/2022

Today is mothers' day. When you are done reading this, phone your mom. She's the reason you're here. Unless she's dead. I made a new GoSub title screen. I was learning all about bankswitching, stuff I didn't know. I made a little animation on the GoSub title screen. It's a little too long to make a GIF out of it. So here's a little picture of it. I thought it would be better than one static image that didn't do anything. I decided to make the O in "GOSUB" round instead of an oval.

GoSub for game boy again

So the canoeing game works on the Odyssey 2, but I got sick of working on it, so I went back to another project I had: GoSub for Game Boy. The last time I left it, I could not get the octopi to stay within the boundaries even though I told them to. Well, I worked on this yesterday and I think I have solved it. Then a few other problems popped up. Trying to fix these brought up some other problems. So (even though I don't exactly know what I am doing here), I logically thought (even though t

Super Game Boy border

I have been working on this almost all morning long. I started at about 1 a.m. and it's after 9 a.m. now. But I finally made a Super Game Boy border for GoSub GB. I had to think a litlte when I was designing it. I thought about what I wanted it to look like. I took the sprites from the game, enlarged them, colored them good and this is what I ended up with (eventually) What do you think? I found and fixed a bug pertaining to the space character. I tested it on a real Super Game Boy and

Game Boy homebrew

Where can I buy physical copies of homebrew games for the Game Boy? I've been working on GoSub and it's making me want to try out some other Game Boy homebrew games. I made a couple of changes to the border. I think it looks better. I also made the sub fall apart when it crashes. It adds a touch of realism instead of just stopping when it crashes. But I think of the poor crew drowning when I hit something when I test it now. Also, would anyone like to publish it when it's done? Th

One game in search of a publisher.

So I've been tweaking more and more my GoSub border image. It now looks like this: The maximum number of colors the border can have is 16. That isn't a big deal yet (there's only 12 or so). But I don't want to make the border too distracting from the game. Also, I changed the coral so it looks more like seaweed. I attempted to make it like Super Mario Bros., but the coral in that game is 16x16 pixels so that wouldn't work since my coral is only 8x8. So I designed something differe

GoSub Game Boy

I FINALLY got bankswitching to work on GoSub. It is now a 64k game. I'm up to 13 levels designed and put in the game. I am aiming for 30, an ending, and an Easter egg. I am only using about 40% of my total space, but now that I understand bankswitching, I can always just add more space if I need to. Provided the levels I am making don't get too complicated because I only have about 4% of the bank where I am putting in the main game left. Most of the recent time has been figuring out ho

Mega Cat Studios order

I got the order today from Mega Cat studios. Inside the box was two Game Boy games. They didn't come with a regular cardboard box. They came with a plastic holder. And apparently Infinitron is not for the regular Game Boy after all but for the Game Boy Color. So I'll have one game to review instead of two. That game will be Retroid. And I will review it as soon as I can. Unfortunately I ALSO got a jury duty summons to deal with. I think they should make it a full-time job, like a lawyer. So peop

Game Boy homebrew (part 2)

So I went ahead and bought Retroid and Infinitron for Game Boy. I don't know if Infinitron can be playable on a regular Game Boy or not because the website's screenshots were in color, which I guess is okay since I have a Game Boy Color, but I am looking for stuff to play on just a regular Game Boy. As I understood and gathered, Retroid is similar to Arkanoid and Infinitron is similar to Robotron 2084. Hopefully Retroid will be better than my Game Boy games Super Breakout and Alleyway. But there

Bank 3 is where it's at.

So right now bank 3 is 48% free. Which is, due to changing circumstances, where I have to put the rest of the game. I will cram as many levels as I possibly can in this bank and then put the ending and Easter egg in bank 2. So here's how GoSub GB is shaping up: bank 0 - main game "engine" bank 1 - data for levels 1-25 bank 2 - ending, Easter egg bank 3 - data for levels 26-end I have a small amount of room left in banks 0 and 1. I can't put it in bank 2 because th

GoSub release candidate #1

I finished the game. I programmed the ending yesterday and the Easter egg this morning. Now I need to test it. Who will help me test the game? You can download what I have of the game here. (Link to AtariAge.) It took me a little over 4 months from beginning to now to make the game. When I started, I never would have guessed I would make a Super Game Boy border for it, and learn how to do such a thing in the process. It's stuff like this that helps me to learn and make better games in the future

Black and white burgers

So I got some help on my Game Boy version of Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland. It now works again. I originally made it not work after attempting to add a boss screen where you shoot at the boss. I had to change the background from light gray to white. I had to turn off the display for a few frames, and I made it white to make it look less shocking and more smooth when the boss milkshake disappears. Sad, because I liked the way it was, but oh well. I'll do just about anything to make


Gamegearguy in Game Boy

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