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Long Lost Tales from a unreleased NintendoAge Magazine Article 




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Part 9: Don't Be Late (The Stood Up)(The I need a Beer)

First tale of 2022! Even though this one happened many years ago, it still pisses me off when I think about it… It was an extremely cold and snowy day at work. I was sitting in the back of a pickup truck browsing Kijiji. It was more of the usual stuff until I found something rather unique. A NES bootleg multi-cart. I think we have all come across one of these at some point in our lives.  It was something I was not crazy about but it came in a sleeve I had never seen before and I though

Part 8: I Trust You (The crooked)

Along with my console collecting, I have a love of arcade and pinball machines. Ms. Pac-man is one that is near and dear, to not only my heart but my wife's heart also. We had played a lot of Ms. Pacman on a cocktail cabinet (tabletop style that you sit down at) together at the local Pizza Joint in the mid 2000's. That made it even more special since it was rare at the time for arcades to be in public places (in our city anyway).   I decided to post "Wanted" ad on Kijiji since I was no


killerkobra in Kijiji Tales

Part 7:The Redneck (The wow, where am I?)

Once again it has been a long time since posting a Tale, so I hope all that read this one enjoy it.  After a long collecting break, which I am sure many of you have also taken, I found this deal on Kijiji. I noticed the ad as I was on a bus headed to work. It was for a solid lot of  CIB Sega Master System games. There were some uncommon games in the lot and a few were from other regions. It was a really good  lot for the price but the downfall was that the location of the deal was an hour d


killerkobra in Kijiji Tales

Part 5: Nice Eyes (The What the...?)

So much for keeping to a schedule postings these every Friday... geez. When work gets in the way, work really gets in the way. So from now on I'll just be posting these whenever  I can.    Super Mario RPG for the Super Nintendo was an epic game that I often rented with my cousin during the summer holidays of 1997. During those memorable sleep overs, we played it nonstop the entire time only taking a break for a few hours to sleep. I had always wanted it in my collection but it constantly e


killerkobra in Kijiji Tales

Part 13: The Collapse  (The, I Need a Beer)  

Sadly, this is the last Kijiji Tale I had written during my original venture. It was the craziest experience I had in my opinion. You can be the judge though, enjoy. All of my previous Kijiji Tales revolved around traveling out on Adventures. However, not all Kijiji Tales are about traveling out and about. This Tale was a rarer case, were I did a deal at home. I usually never ever did deals from my house but from time to time, I did.   This Tale began in the work lunchroom befor

Part 12: Painful, Just Painful (The I need a beer)

This is the last of the original Tales I wrote. However, I have one more after this. The last Tale I plan to share is the by far the most interesting so I decided to save it for the Grand Finale.     This is one of my more recent Kijiji deals. It is long-winded and painful to even attempt to explain.  I have slowed down in my Kijiji Adventures ever since the market in my city exploded in the summer of 2012. Along with hunting for deals on Kijiji, I would also sell collectables I acquir

Part 11: Othello or Bust (The What the...?)

This is definitely a minor tale but it stuck out for me and I figured it was worth sharing since it is about myself trying to sell on Kijiji. As stated numerous times before in other tales, emailing was an important part of dealing on Kijiji. I remember one time in particular that made me shake my head.   Back in the year 2010, it was extremely common to be able to hop on Kijiji and find a NES with 2 controllers, the Zapper and 10 games for like $30. I had similar luck with systems li
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