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About this blog

An episodic view of homebrew games, discussing their influences, challenges, and development.  Each episode contains historical information, game play images and videos, and interviews with project team. 

Episode 001 - UXO
Episode 002 - Nebs 'n Debs
Episode 003 - Assembly Line
Episode 004 - Alfonzo's Arctic Adventure (video)
Episode 005 - The Legends of Owlia (video)
Episode 006 - The Cowlitz Gamers Adventure Series (video)
Episode 007 - Lizard (video)
Episode 008 - Larry LLFLL (video)
Episode 009 - Homebrews for Halloween (podcast)
Episode 010 - Witch n' Wiz (video)
Episode 011 - Homebrew Hidden Gems (podcast)

Entries in this blog

009 Homebrews for Halloween

Homebrews to play for the Halloween season Is that even a thing? Find out in the episode as we talk about that along with several games and off topic items, including Die Hard and James Bond. Audio Podcast version: https://anchor.fm/deadeye-bit/episodes/HiF-009---Homebrews-for-Halloween-e198rv2 Joining me in the episode are my fellow Homebrew Team Members on Video Game Sage, talking about Halloween 85/86, Scare Carts, Spook-o'-tron, Micro Mages, Curse of Illmoore Bay, Sacred Line, an


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