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So I had to get a new cable box. My old one broke. My new one is stupid. It won't let me record broadcast stations because a stupid message about copyright comes up. I also made a few changes to my game. Most of them involve sound effects. Now I have uploaded a current file of Zurich In Reach to my website. Feel free to download and give feedback on how I'm doing with the game so far. Also, let me know if you see any bugs.

YouTube video of HERTS: ZIR

I finished level 2 of my game I've been making. So I decided to make a little YouTube video to celebrate. Level 2 is a mysterious, eerie cave. So I decided to put in some eerie-sounding music. I went in to compose a song that sounded cavey and I think I did a good job. Level 1 (not shown in the video) is in the clouds, so I tried to make something that sounded carnival-like. Right now, bank 0 is 14% free, bank 1 is 7% free and bank 2 is 56% free. Which is okay since banks 3-7

Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland: Zurich In Reach!

So I decided to retitle the game I was making for the Game Gear. Instead of "Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland 3" it's now Why the change? I got to thinking: If someone were to publish the game with the 3 in it, that would mean there would have to be a second one. But of course, the second one won't be published. I now think of the first two games as practice for this one. An outfit called Retro Circuits published the first one for a short time before they quit operations. So now I ha

Gyruss - No Moving Sprites

First time that I've ever worked on a Gyruss. I have to say, the fact that it had any custom ICs at all kind of intimidated me a little bit. I am not the best when it comes to video issues, but is something I am working on getting better. But anyway, this was a pretty straightforward repair. So the problem at hand was that there were no moving sprites at all. Text would appear, but nothing that moved. This is great because it really helps narrow down the circuit. After doing a bit of r

Solomon’s Key

Genre: Puzzle Publisher: Tecmo Total time played: 25 Hours Short review: An ingenious puzzle game that takes great hand eye coordination, puzzle solving skills, a steel trap memory and luck. Many people consider it to be one of the hardest games on the NES Interesting links related to Solomon’s Key Full Video Walkthrough Speedrun by Arcus (19min 34sec) Soundtrack Instruction Manual A great game I wasn’t in the mood for It has been 3+ months since I completed Pinball. I be



1 on 1 Basketball: Title screen

With 1 on 1 Basketball's in-game code potentially completed, I went to work on a title screen for the game. After the "Cedar Games" intro, this is a first attempt at the title screen to the game. Not a very splashy thing, I know, but since this is the Odyssey² we're talking about after all, something like this should do. Some more work needs to be done on it (like centering and stuff), but I just wanted to show you my idea for a title screen to my game. The entire thing works now. Titl

GoSub for Game Boy - update on 5/8/2022

Today is mothers' day. When you are done reading this, phone your mom. She's the reason you're here. Unless she's dead. I made a new GoSub title screen. I was learning all about bankswitching, stuff I didn't know. I made a little animation on the GoSub title screen. It's a little too long to make a GIF out of it. So here's a little picture of it. I thought it would be better than one static image that didn't do anything. I decided to make the O in "GOSUB" round instead of an oval.

Walking around

One thing I was wanting to do with the basketball game was make some animation on the guys. It looked like they were gliding around rather than walking. I knew how to do this, change the look of the sprites so it made it look like they were walking, but the main problem was fitting this into the game. I was trying to go to sleep when I thought of a workaround. Instead of attempting to change the sprite when the player was moving, instead change the sprite based on its y and x position when movin

Shooting some hoops

So I decided to take another stab at my Odyssey² basketball game I had given up on. I somehow made it work. And I added a few things: shot clock shooting arc bug fixed ball-possession sfx fixed Before I made this video, I didn't take into account whether or not the player was shooting was the shot clock is winding down. So if it gets to 0 when in the act of shooting, the ball would probably mysteriously not go into the basket and it will be a jump ball instead.

Midwest Gaming Classic 2022 Recap

GET THE PODCAST HERE: https://anchor.fm/homebrewgameclub/episodes/Midwest-Gaming-Classic-2022-Recap-e1i14h8 The 2022 Midwest Gaming Classic is over, and Nick and Bart are tired. For more on the Midwest Gaming Classic: https://www.midwestgamingclassic.com/ Hair of the Dogcast: https://hairofthedogcast.libsyn.com/ Warren Davis' Q*Bert Book: https://www.amazon.com/Creating-Bert-Other-Classic-Arcade/dp/1595801057 Premium Edition Games Series 4 Direct (NES homebrew 10-in-1 an

Cruisin' down the Nile

I decided I was sick of Game Boy programming for now. I'll say this though: It's a lot EASIER to program something on the Game Boy than it is on the Odyssey². I returned to my canoeing game (still nameless). I added a new level. And then the next day (today) I sat there for four hours to come up with the beginnings of a couple more levels. It was hard, but I managed to put in the beginnings of four more levels. Right now, level 2 just repeats over and over again. But I got the screens in anyway.


For as long as I can remember, I've always had my trusty CRT TV with me. The sticker on it says it was made in May, 1993. I was 10 years old then. As the years grew, the TV was always there with me. In my room, all three rooms (I've moved twice since I got it). There is a huge dent in the down button on the thing. I had it right next to my bed one time for ten years and I lost the remote for it, so I started using that. In 2008, I moved where I am now and it got delegated to my retro gaming

#62 Movies of 1999

The guys invite a special guest, movie critic, Tommy Wood from Reel Talk: A Movie Podcast to discuss what is quite possibly the best all time year for movies, 1999. Multiple genre defining masterpieces, completely original scripts, animation classics and multiple cult films make up this great year. Keep up with everyone: Matt Video Game Blog Movie Review Facebook Group Movie Review YouTube Channel Luke Luke wrote a novel, Into the Wallwood, you can buy it HERE  Jason Follow his art page on Face



GoSub Game Boy

I FINALLY got bankswitching to work on GoSub. It is now a 64k game. I'm up to 13 levels designed and put in the game. I am aiming for 30, an ending, and an Easter egg. I am only using about 40% of my total space, but now that I understand bankswitching, I can always just add more space if I need to. Provided the levels I am making don't get too complicated because I only have about 4% of the bank where I am putting in the main game left. Most of the recent time has been figuring out ho

I'm back.

The last time I checked to get on videogamesage.com (without the s) a few months ago, it gave me some warning, so I went back to what I was doing. Today I checked my e-mails and I got a PM from someone here. So I decided to see if I could go to videogamesage.com again and I got the welcome screen. So apparently everything is back to where it was before? Nothing much has happened in the last few months. I started work on a port of my GoSub, this time on the Game Boy. I also picked up and fig

Episode 1: Diamond Thieves

The Mega Cat Chronicles A blog series by @Scrobins Episode 1: Diamond Thieves Introduction: In the beginning, homebrew was the hobby of mad scientists experimenting with their own limited resources. There were no supply chains. Donor carts were the norm. But the community’s potential increased dramatically with the arrival of publishers offering molds for new cartridges, technical expertise to polish a game’s code, and a range of services including the printing of quali

Episode 4: NEScape!

GET THE PODCAST HERE: https://anchor.fm/homebrewgameclub/episodes/Episode-4-NEScape-e1gibgb The Game Club talks NEScape!, an escape room game for the NES. Conor makes the point-and-click connection, Bart is happy he finally figured out Morse Code, and Nick's just glad to have had help on this one. View the HBGC full livestream playthrough on our YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/xnHryQBMcyE And our Bomberman playoff, if you're into that: https://youtu.be/TCh2HtmYXUo Still nee

#61 Music of 1989

The guys sit down to discuss the music that shaped their life in 1989. Jason really hates one of Matt's picks and Luke didn't have a lot of context for what was cool because of his age. Apple Music Playlist Spotify Playlist Keep up with everyone: Matt  Video Game Blog Movie Review Facebook Group Movie Review YouTube Channel Luke Luke wrote a novel, Into the Wallwood, you can buy it HERE  Jason Follow his art page on Facebook - Jason Shepard ArtworX



Interview: Matt Hughson

GET THE PODCAST HERE: https://anchor.fm/homebrewgameclub/episodes/HBGC-Interview-Matt-Hughson-e1g2laa The Game Club talks with Matt Hughson, developer of NES homebrew games Witch n' Wiz and From Below, as well as the upcoming From Below Pocket for Game Boy. While the discussion focuses on previous Game Club pick Witch n' Wiz, this is a great conversation for anyone interested in creating and marketing homebrew games, regardless of console. Matt Hughson's website: https://www.matthughso

[Cancelled] True Fantasy Live Online

True Fantasy Live online was a cancelled Original Xbox MMORPG by developer Level-5.. maybe their only officially cancelled game.  In this blog post I will share a few interesting physical items that I've come across but first if you'd like a little more history on the game please check the Wiki in the spoiler box or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/True_Fantasy_Live_Online 07/01/21 - Level-5 has made some really lovely games. With captivative storytelling, world building and most import

011 Homewbrew Hidden Gems

Homebrew hidden gems!  Maybe you overlooked these games or never knew about them, well worry no more...we have you covered.  Join @neodolphino, @Scrobins, and @Deadeyeas we cover 9+ NES homebrews that deserve more attention and play time. Audio Podcast version: https://anchor.fm/deadeye-bit/episodes/HiF-011---Hidden-Gems-e1fpumq   Video version:  


Deadeye in homebrew

Episode 3: Witch n' Wiz

GET THE PODCAST HERE: Homebrew Game Club Episode 3: Witch n' Wiz The gang talks about Witch n' Wiz, a puzzle platformer for the NES. Nick tries in vain not to swear, Conor confesses to a terrible mistake, and Bart has a particular room in mind where he'd like to play this one. There's also a bit about Reddit movies. Finally, Nick has a cautionary tale about giving your childhood stuffed animals away to high school filmmakers. Still need to play Witch n' Wiz? Get the full game here: htt

Episode 22: Fire and Rescue

A Homebrew Draws Near! A blog series by @Scrobins Episode 22: Fire and Rescue Introduction: Among the many homebrewers I have been privileged to interview, several were also academics: professors who teach game design and development by day, and by night put into practice those same lessons into their own passion projects. Their expertise is expressed through their style, and sometimes traces of the teacher are apparent in their games, either highlighting the lessons the
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