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Keep it simple

So with GoSub finished I decided to go back to programming "Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland: Zurich In Reach" for Game Gear again. I looked at what I had. I thought to myself "That cave level looks too crowded and complex with all the colors." So I decided to simplify it. Now, normally when I (or anyone else, for that matter) simplify something, it usually looks more simple. But this time, I felt like simplifying the background was a good step to make it look better. This is what the cave lev

The death of PayPal

I want to know why more and more online stores are not taking PayPal. What is wrong with PayPal? Is there something wrong with it? It's like my money is useless to them. It's like they don't want it. That's what I feel when I go to an online store and discovering they don't take PayPal. I don't have a credit card so I can't do Google Pay. What's more is I don't want a credit card.

Featured Member June 2022: Estil

We're trying out something new here on VGS.  Well, sort of new...  Some of you may remember a series of interviews I did with various members of NintendoAge that centered around the Weekly NES contest.  This is a partial reboot of that effort. And to kick us off is the one and only @Estil.  The good-natured, cat-obsessed Kentuckian that loves to post his cherished YouTube clips!  And he threw me an early curveball by changing some of the questions I asked him. 😆  Enjoy!    Hello E

Mega Cat Studios order

I got the order today from Mega Cat studios. Inside the box was two Game Boy games. They didn't come with a regular cardboard box. They came with a plastic holder. And apparently Infinitron is not for the regular Game Boy after all but for the Game Boy Color. So I'll have one game to review instead of two. That game will be Retroid. And I will review it as soon as I can. Unfortunately I ALSO got a jury duty summons to deal with. I think they should make it a full-time job, like a lawyer. So peop

GoSub release candidate #1

I finished the game. I programmed the ending yesterday and the Easter egg this morning. Now I need to test it. Who will help me test the game? You can download what I have of the game here. (Link to AtariAge.) It took me a little over 4 months from beginning to now to make the game. When I started, I never would have guessed I would make a Super Game Boy border for it, and learn how to do such a thing in the process. It's stuff like this that helps me to learn and make better games in the future

One game in search of a publisher.

So I've been tweaking more and more my GoSub border image. It now looks like this: The maximum number of colors the border can have is 16. That isn't a big deal yet (there's only 12 or so). But I don't want to make the border too distracting from the game. Also, I changed the coral so it looks more like seaweed. I attempted to make it like Super Mario Bros., but the coral in that game is 16x16 pixels so that wouldn't work since my coral is only 8x8. So I designed something differe

HBGC Extra: Diamond Thieves

GET THE PODCAST HERE: https://anchor.fm/homebrewgameclub/episodes/HBGC-Extra-Diamond-Thieves-e1jpjuf Conor returns to the podcast as the gang takes a look at Diamond Thieves, a new game for the Mega Drive and Genesis. Developed by Mangangá Team, Diamond Thieves is available through a joint collaboration between Mega Cat Studios and Video Game Sage. View the Diamond Thieves Official Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sks9sfC5atQ Order your copy of the game here: https://megac

Game Boy homebrew (part 2)

So I went ahead and bought Retroid and Infinitron for Game Boy. I don't know if Infinitron can be playable on a regular Game Boy or not because the website's screenshots were in color, which I guess is okay since I have a Game Boy Color, but I am looking for stuff to play on just a regular Game Boy. As I understood and gathered, Retroid is similar to Arkanoid and Infinitron is similar to Robotron 2084. Hopefully Retroid will be better than my Game Boy games Super Breakout and Alleyway. But there

Game Boy homebrew

Where can I buy physical copies of homebrew games for the Game Boy? I've been working on GoSub and it's making me want to try out some other Game Boy homebrew games. I made a couple of changes to the border. I think it looks better. I also made the sub fall apart when it crashes. It adds a touch of realism instead of just stopping when it crashes. But I think of the poor crew drowning when I hit something when I test it now. Also, would anyone like to publish it when it's done? Th

Super Game Boy border

I have been working on this almost all morning long. I started at about 1 a.m. and it's after 9 a.m. now. But I finally made a Super Game Boy border for GoSub GB. I had to think a litlte when I was designing it. I thought about what I wanted it to look like. I took the sprites from the game, enlarged them, colored them good and this is what I ended up with (eventually) What do you think? I found and fixed a bug pertaining to the space character. I tested it on a real Super Game Boy and

Nintendo Wii U Video Game Master Set

This is the complete Nintendo Wii U Video Game Master Set: Wii U console (any color) Wii U GamePad (any color) 4 Wii U Pro Controllers (any colors) Wii U GamePad Stylus Wii U GamePad Large Stylus Wii U AC Adapter Wii U GamePad AC Adapter HDMI cable Wii U Sensor Bar Wii U Sensor Bar Stand Wii U GamePad Cradle Wii U GamePad Stand Wii U GamePad Horizontal Stand Wii U Console Stand 4 Wii U Remote

Nintendo 3DS Video Game Master Set

This is the complete Nintendo 3DS Video Game Master Set: 4 2DS's/3DS's/3DS XL's/New 2DS XL's/New 3DS's/New 3DS XL's (any colors) 4 Circle Pad Pros/Circle Pad Pro XL's 4 3DS stylers 4 3DS stands 4 3DS NFC Reader/Writers 2DS/3DS/3DS XL Operations manual 2DS/3DS/3DS XL Quick–start guide 3DS Consumer Information and Precautions booklet 3DS manual bag

Nintendo Wii Video Game Master Set

This is the complete Nintendo Wii Video Game Master Set: Wii console (any color) 4 Wii remotes or remote pluses (any colors) 4 Wii remote wrist straps 4 Wii remote jackets (any colors) 4 Wii nunchucks (any colors) 4 Wii MotionPluses 4 Wii Classic Controllers or Classic Controller Pros Wii Zapper 4 Wii wheels 4 Wii remote chargers Wii Speak Wii console stand Wii sensor bar Wii component cable W

Bank 3 is where it's at.

So right now bank 3 is 48% free. Which is, due to changing circumstances, where I have to put the rest of the game. I will cram as many levels as I possibly can in this bank and then put the ending and Easter egg in bank 2. So here's how GoSub GB is shaping up: bank 0 - main game "engine" bank 1 - data for levels 1-25 bank 2 - ending, Easter egg bank 3 - data for levels 26-end I have a small amount of room left in banks 0 and 1. I can't put it in bank 2 because th

GoSub for game boy again

So the canoeing game works on the Odyssey 2, but I got sick of working on it, so I went back to another project I had: GoSub for Game Boy. The last time I left it, I could not get the octopi to stay within the boundaries even though I told them to. Well, I worked on this yesterday and I think I have solved it. Then a few other problems popped up. Trying to fix these brought up some other problems. So (even though I don't exactly know what I am doing here), I logically thought (even though t

Canoeing fixed

It took at least a couple of hours straight of coding and rearranging code, but I finally got it working again. I never did figure out what the problem was though, I just knew it had something to do with one of the variables. I don't know the problem with the variable, so I was really flying blind here. So now with the problem fixed, the next step is to test it on a real Odyssey². That will have to wait until later today because it's 3 a.m. and my eye hurts and I'm sleepy. It's bedtime

Canoeing on the moon

For a change of pace, I decided to work on "Can You Canoe?" for the Odyssey². It took a long time, way longer than I expected, because the alien kept not displaying correctly. Level 4 is on the moon. I decided to make it so that the enemies zigzag after level 3. So the swimming alien moves up and down accordingly. There will be a total of 6 levels. I don't know what to have happen after level 6, though. Perhaps just go through all the levels again and again until you die. I don't know

#63 First Jobs

The guys sit down to tell stories about their first jobs and the people they met working there. Matt and Luke had paper routes. Luke worked at a grocery chain, Matt worked at a Mexican restaurant and Jason worked at both a Mexican restaurant and a grocery chain. Keep up with everyone: Matt Video Game Blog Movie Review Facebook Group Movie Review YouTube Channel Luke Luke wrote a novel, Into the Wallwood, you can buy it HERE  Jason Follow his art page on Facebook - Jason Shepard ArtworX



Konami Hypersports - Blue Screen/No Moving Objects

This was a fun one. I have a whole box of these boardsets and I figured out which ones had working CPU boards, so I was able to immediately narrow it down to the video board. The initial problem with this board was that the board was doing nothing, just displaying a blue screen. Just randomly probing around randomly at the buffers going between the video board and the ribbon cables going to the CPU board. The overall goal was just to make sure that the two boards were talking to each

Yum for Game Gear

Awhile back, I made a Game Boy game called "Yum!" It was more like the Atari 2600 game "Fast Food". Later, I thought up a game where you need to open and close the guy's mouth in order to eat (or avoid) food. Having no other title in mind, I decided to name it "Yum!" as well. It was originally called "Face It" but I thought that was kind of nondescriptive, while "Face Food" just didn't sound right. So now I am working on "Yum!" for the Game Gear. I tried simultaneously to make a Master Syst

Episode 5: Space Raft

GET THE PODCAST HERE: https://anchor.fm/homebrewgameclub/episodes/Episode-5-Space-Raft-e1j2s65 Nick and Bart discuss Space Raft for NES and its remixed semi-sequel, Space Raft Arcade. Bart has no regrets about taking over the Discord with Atari 7800 talk, and Nick builds a badass flight simulator. Also: Hey, did those Beanie Baby collectors ever make money?? Still need to play Space Raft? Get it here: https://raftronaut.itch.io/space-raft-nes The next game club pick is Xeno Crisis
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